Cheese Report June 2020

Zero New COVID-19 Cases Sparks Marketing War; Family Mart, Milkshop, 7-Eleven Battle It Out/Starbucks Suffers Billions in Losses from Pandemic; Could Shutter 400 Cafes/Optimism for Property Market in Q3; 46% See H2 as Good Time to Buy/Taiwan Dollar the Strongest Currency/A New Earphone Wave! Podcasts on the Rise in Taiwan/What Is Event Marketing? Why Do Brands Put on Events When They Do Not Make Money?/Behind the Mayday, Rene Liu Online Concerts – Believing in Music/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-May 2020/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for May/Domestic Travel Surge another Disaster? Why Taiwan’s ‘Godfather of Tourism’ Is Worried/New International Luxury Resort in Taitung! Six Senses Brand Resort to Open in 2021/Guam Postpones Opening of Doors to Taiwanese Travelers/Egypt to Reopen Some Tourist Destinations on July 1/ Taiwan, Stanford University Testing Quarantines, Paving Way for Future Travel Model/Expedia Launches New ‘Travel from Home’ Virtual Tours/Starlux to Resume Taipei-Penang Route on June 18/Emirates Resumes Taipei-Dubai Passenger Services/NT$45.84 Billion Spent on Digital Ads in Taiwan in 2019; Videos, KOLs booming; public agencies, e-commerce, gaming companies biggest advertisers/Digital Ad Alarm! What Marketers Need to Know to Cope without Cookies/The Post-cookies World – Contextual Targeting to Replace Cookies among Advertisers?/Using Google Analytics to Set Annual KPI; the Indicators Marketers Need to Know/New Taiwan Website for Philippines Tourism Bureau


零確診竟然引起行銷大戰?全家、迷客夏、7-11誰勝出?/星巴克疫情重創虧損近千億!關 400 家門市改專門外帶店/看壞Q3景氣比例大減 46%認為下半年好買房/擊敗日圓 新台幣登最強貨幣/耳機裡的新浪潮!Podcast大崛起,搶攻「第二注意力」新商機/活動行銷是什麼?為什麼明明不賺錢,品牌還是很愛辦活動?/五月天、劉若英線上演唱會幕後!相信音樂揭密:為何要做毫無收益的線上演唱會?/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2020 年 1-5月/主計處重要經濟指標 2020 年 5 月 (部分指標為 4 月數據)/首座國際豪華渡假村落腳台東!「WUMA六善知本溫泉酒店」隈研吾操刀、超美梯田設計,4大特色超吸睛/台灣入境關島免隔離「緊急喊卡」!關島:延後開放邊界/埃及7/1起 允外國人重返部分觀光景點/不用隔離14天?++台美千人跨境實驗,替全球邊境解封鋪路/釋放想像力!Expedia公開「在家體驗世界」虛擬旅遊/星宇6月18日復飛檳城線/阿聯酋航空正式重啟台北-杜拜載客服務/2019年台灣數位廣告量全年達458.41億台幣,影音、網紅聲勢旺,公部門、電商與遊戲動能強/數位廣告警報響起!行銷人不可不知:沒有Cookie你該怎麼辦?/後 cookies 時代 | 內容比對取代 cookies 成為廣告鎖定新解方?/用 GA 制定你的年度 KPI!淺談行銷人必懂的「ABC 指標」/菲律賓觀光局官網建置

Cheese Report May

Digital Finance/New e-Commerce Trend – The Rise of Cashless Payments/Taiwan CDC Launches COVID-19 Chatbot on FB Messenger, Offers Latest Updates on Disease/New Facebook, Instagram Function: Helping Businesses Promote Gift Cards, Food Orders/E-Commerce Marketers Get a Boost from Mother’s Day Opportunities/Forget about a V-shaped Recovery; the Nike ‘Swoosh’ More Likely/U.S. Unemployment Rate Highest since WWII; Could Hit 25%, Mnuchin Predicts/E-Commerce Survey Reveals Items Taiwanese Are Buying During the Pandemic/What Marketers Need to Know in 2020: Key Marketing Data Unveiled/AI, AR, VR the Keys to New Digital Technology Development Trends: MIC/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-April 2020/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators/Government Proposes Three-step Plan to Revitalize Travel Market/Emirates May Cut 30,000 Jobs, Retire A380s Faster; How Long before Air Travel Returns?/What Will Travel Be Like before a Coronavirus Vaccine Is Found?/A World First! Shanghai Disneyland Reopens, to Increase Capacity by 5,000 Visitors a Week/Academic Sees Global Pandemic Easing at End of June, Leading to Lifting of Overseas Travel Bans/Even with NT$3.2 Billion in Relief, Can Airlines, Travel Agencies Survive the Crisis?/Looking at the Concept of an ‘Immunity Passport’ in the ‘Post-Pandemic Era’/Danger in Opening Borders? New Zealand, Australia Float ‘Travel Bubble’ Plan/New Zealand, Vietnam Could Be First Countries in Commercial Openin/SEO Content Marketing Key to Finding Customers, Seizing Opportunities in Post-COVID 19 World/Supporting Groups of 5,000, Accepting Anonymous Users – What is LINE’s New Function About?/Facebook Enters e-Commerce Battleground with Shops; Can Communities Drive Spending?/Instagram Adds ‘Food Orders’ Function to Business Accounts/TV Ads on Greater Taipei Subway Station Platforms Seen by 2.5 Million People/Production Design for Chunghwa Post