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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for March 2023

  1. 736,283 Taiwanese went abroad in March 2023, increasing 1569.99% from the same period of 2022 when 44,089 people went abroad.
  2. The top destination for outbound travellers in March 2023 was Japan, followed by China, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. Hong Kong has the highest outbound travel destination rate, rising 12896.59 % from the same period of 2022.

Taiwan Inbound Visitor Statistics for March 2023


In March 2023, Taiwan had 486,171 inbound visitors, increasing 2326.49% from the same month of 2022.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for March 2023

  1. There were 11.49 million people employed and 424,000 unemployed in March, resulting in an unemployment rate of 3.56%, which was 3.59% after seasonal adjustments. The labor participation rate was 59.20%.
  2. In March 2023, the average regular wage for employed workers was NT$45,432, which had 0.83% increasing month-over-month and 2.40% growth year-over-year. The average monthly earnings, including bonuses, overtime pay, and other irregular income, were NT$6,634. The overall wage was NT$52,066, which had 1.42% growth year-over-year. The recurring hourly wage for part-time employees was $201, a monthly decrease of 0.99% and an annual increase of 1.01%.

Source: DGBAS Latest Indicators
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Post-Pandemic Travel Difficulty: The Travel Industry

Urges the Government to Permit Group Travel

It has been more than 6 months since the border reopened. The market for travel abroad is gradually resuming to a better place apart from group travel organised by travel agency between Taiwan and China. The travel industry urges the government to permit group travel for China tourism. The requests also include resuming the round table conference between Taiwan Strait Tourism Association and Association For Tourism Exchange Across The Taiwan Strait. Hoping the tourism market will be back on track to create more opportunities for visitors from both sides to interact with each other through travelling rather than unnecessary conflicts.


Source: UDN
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Top 10 Affordable Travel Destinations Revealed by

Agoda Around the World

The global digital travel platform Agoda provides the best prices for travel accommodation. According to the analysis of average price for travel accommodation in April, the best value is in Khon Kaen at Thailand, followed by Sibu Malaysia, Solo Indonesia and Puri India. Kinmen is the place for best value in Taiwan. For Japan and Korea as the most popular countries for Taiwanese travellers, Chiba and Gwangju are the top cities for affordable travel. It reveals not only the famous city is fun for visiting, Agoda shows there are many more ways to spend less money for more satisfaction and unique travel experiences.


Source: Economic Daily News
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Thailand 4M Soft-Power Foundations Bringing

New Travel Experiences

Let’s go! Experience the brilliant music, master’s craft, museum collection and immersive experience from meta world in Thailand to enrich your life and appreciate the greatness of travelling. In the post-pandemic era especially in 2023, Thailand welcomes travellers with “Amazing Thailand, Part of your life” as the focal point for tourism campaign. Highlighting Thailand’s 4M (Music, Museum, Master, Meta) soft power to provide new travel experiences.


Source: ETtoday
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South Korea Turning Cheong Wa Dae Into

Tourism Landmark

Yun Seok-Yeol the South Korea president moved the president office to Yongsan gu after his inauguration. The previous president office Cheong Wa Dae was turned into a museum and park. On the 1 anniversary of its opening, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea Park Bo-gyoon aims to shape Cheong Wa Dae into the new landmark of South Korea.


Source: BCC
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650 Thousands Taiwanese Travel Abroad in February after

the Border Reopening. Japan is the Top Destination for Taiwanese Travellers with More Than 250 Thousands Outbound in February

There has been a recent upsurge of travelling abroad after border reopening in the post-pandemic era. According to the latest statistical data from the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the outbound departure reached to 652,943 people in February. The top destination for outbound travellers in March 2023 was Japan with 251,909 people visited, followed by 62,727 people travelled to China and 52,780 people visited Hong Kong. South Korea was the on the 4th place for outbound travellers with 49,440 visits. The data also demonstrates there were 44,915 people travelled to Thailand and 41,121 people visited Vietnam.


Source: Yahoo
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Media News

ChatGPT Can be the Best Marketing Support Tool for Copywriting, Positioning and Other Practical Applications

ChatGPT as the most popular AI system lately, has been applied to marketing and sales by many brands including Meta, Spotify and many more global brands. By giving correct instructions, ChatGPT can help brands acquire information and results more quickly such as social media post content writing, marketing strategy procedure, brand positioning etc.


Source: Marketersgo
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Taiwanese Influencers Posting 7.5 Million Advertorials

in 2 Years! How to Cash Short Video?

Let’s Have a Look on 2023 Influencer Marketing

AI company iKala released the “2023 KOL Marketing Trend Report” on 27 March. KOL Radar, the subsidiary of iKala, analysed Taiwanese KOLs’ post contents on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms in 2022. The company collected the data from more than 250,000 individual Taiwanese KOLs only with their latest social media post update within a year. Here are the top 3 KOL marketing tendencies from Taiwanese KOL:

  1. The number of micro KOL increased 3 times more than 2021
  2. Short video creates more traffic. An increasing number of platforms are now focusing on live video shopping
  3. Social media promotion shows a spectacular effect on shopping. There are more the 7.5 million advertorials created by Taiwanese KOLs per year.

Source: Business Next
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South East Asia Marketing Analysis: Indonesia,

Vietnam and Malaysia

The global socially-led creative agency, We Are Social, launches detailed report in every early year. Analysing the behaviour of internet usage in every country, the report shows comprehensive data and results. To stay on top of the South East Asia market by digital marketing, it is the most important step for cross-border brands to understand the behaviour of digital devices and services usage. The latest report “Digital 2023” reveals the internet use, social media advertising, click-through rate and more essential digital headlines in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam:

  1. Malaysia: 8 hours daily time spent on the internet! More concerns when shopping online. Coupons and discounts with free delivery drive the behaviour of online purchase
  2. Indonesia: More than 80% of the users use social media for brands research. 70% of the internet user consider reviews first before online shopping.
  3. Vietnam: The main reason for using social media is keeping in touch with friends and family! Huge increase on Engagement on Digital Marketing with 16.5% growth in 2023

Source: Brain
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Advertising Budget for Streaming Platforms Increasing

20 % within 2 Years

Streaming platform is now the mainstream in Taiwan. According to DMA’s (Taiwan Digital Media and Marketing Association) report, the advertising budget for streaming platforms in Taiwan has been increasing 20 % within 2 years. To cope with the decrease of user number, Netflix, Disney+ and HBO have also been more flexible on their business mode. Apart from just paying for subscription, new packages reduce the requirement for advertisement. Customers can spend less money than subscription option to use the streaming service. However there are certain amount of time of advertisements in every hour.


Source: Commercial Times
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