Cheese Report January 2022

Dapeng Bay, Pingtung, The Best and Safe Place to Dabble in Water in a Warm Winter/Immersive Shopping Experience Is the Key, 5 Trends of Fashion E-commerce in 2022/70% Of Internet Users Were Willing to Pay for Online Content, Especially Gen Z! Online Courses and Entertainment Were Monetizable Content Types/Metaverse and Multi-functional Apps Are Trends! Eastern Online: 3 Major Marketing Strategies to Face the Changing Consumer Behaviors/How Will Consumers Change in the Next 10 Years?/LINE NEXT Corporation Established to Expand NFT Ecosystem/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-November 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for November 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for November 2021/Omicron Variant! When Could We Go Abroad? Five Observations for 2022/Complicated Travel Procedures in the Post-epidemic Era, 10% Are Willing to Travel With Tour Group/"One ID" Facial Recognition Trial Launched at the Taoyuan International Airport, Passengers: Convenient and Timesaving/The Mystery of A Prefecture Mascot in Japan: How Can the Cute Kumamon Win People's Hearts All Over the World?/Digital Advertising Marketing Review: Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Google, ASA, Podcast/Keeping Up with Year in Search 2021, Google Trends/Twitter, the Newspaper of Gen Z, Is the Main Battlefield for Brands to Target Young People/How to Run An Instagram Account? Strategic Planning for Instagram Marketing and 5 Management Tips/Case 1: Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation –Okinawa Online Quiz Game/Case 2: National Treasury Administration –Alcohol Quality Certification Label Campaign 2021

2022/01 啟示報告

屏東大鵬灣有風無浪 暖冬戲水好去處/打造沈浸式購物體驗成關鍵,2022 時尚電商 5 大趨勢解析/7成網友願意付錢看網路內容、Z世代是黃金族群!課程、娛樂最吸金/元宇宙、超級App成強勁趨勢!東方線上:3大行銷策略迎戰回不去的消費行為/消費者的面貌,未來10年內將發生什麼改變?/「LINE NEXT」公司成立!一次看懂LINE的NFT布局/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 11 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 11 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 11 月 (部分指標為 2021 年10 月數據)/打完第二劑卻爆Omicron,什麼時候能出國?2022疫情五大觀察點/後疫情出國旅遊手續變複雜 參團意願增近1成/桃機「One ID臉部辨識系統」試辦上路 旅客讚便利省時間/熊本熊之謎:區區一個地方軟萌吉祥物,為何能虜獲全球人的心?/數位廣告行銷回顧:FB、IG、LINE、Google、ASA、Podcast/你有跟上嗎?Google 2021年度搜尋排行榜公開/Twitter 是 Z 世代的「報紙」,品牌拚年輕市場的主戰區/如何經營 IG 粉專?IG 行銷策略規劃及經營 5 大方向教學/沖繩縣産業振興公社【沖繩闖關活動】/財政部國庫署 優質酒類認證制度網路宣導採購案

Cheese Report December 2021

Thailand Has Reopened to Taiwanese with Quarantine-Free Entry in November/Why Does Facebook Rename Itself Meta? What Are the Implications and Potential Challenges Behind?/Gucci and Balenciaga Are Rushing to Launch Virtual Products! Research: Metaverse Seen as US$50 Billion Business Opportunities for Luxury Brands/Facebook Marketing Summit: 90% Of Taiwanese Users Follow Businesses Accounts on Instagram/Double 11 Shopping Festival 2021 Hit A New High! Sales Performance And Hot-Selling List of 5 E-Commerce: momo, PChome, Tmall, And Shopee/Survey on E-Commerce Shopping Festival: Taiwanese Spent an Average of NT$15,073 Yearly/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-October 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for October 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for October 2021/What Kind of New Norms Will Be Generated After the Aviation Industry Recovers in 2023?/2020 Theme Index Museum Index: How Do Amusement Parks Survive In the Epidemic? Is There A Hope?/Tourism Bureau Held Muslim Tourism B2B Matchmaking, Preparing to Attract Visitors for Border Opening/LINE Launched the Short-Form Video Platform LINE VOOM, Replacing LINE Timeline! How to Differentiate?/The Analysis of LINE Taiwan Usage Behavior During the Epidemic: 98% Of Users Increased Their Digital Usage Through LINE; Official Accounts Increased by 18% Over the Years/Finally! Link Sticker Function Was Open to All Users on Instagram Stories, No Restriction of 10K Followers/Facebook Has Lost Its Young Users Drastically in Recent Years, Showing the Trend of "Aging Users"/Ads Deleted Within 24 Hours After Posting! What Are the Advantages and Controversies of Short-Lived Content Marketing?/Tigerair Taiwan ​​–Shimane Prefecture, Japan

2021/12 啟示報告

泰國重啟觀光 11月起台灣入境免隔離/臉書為何需改名叫Meta?背後有哪些涵義和潛在挑戰?/Gucci、巴黎世家都搶推虛擬商品!研究:元宇宙可望為精品業創造500億美元商機/Facebook 行銷高峰會 台灣九成用戶在Instagram 追蹤商家/雙 11 業績創新高!momo、PChome、天貓、蝦皮等 5 家電商成績及熱銷商品懶人包/【電商購物節調查】臺灣網友電商購物節年均消費15,073元/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 10 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 10 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 10 月 (部分指標為 2021 年9 月數據)/2023年航空業大復甦,將催生哪些新常態?/2020全球主題公園報告出爐:疫情下的樂園如何生存?隧道盡頭可有曙光?/觀光局舉辦穆斯林旅遊B2B 業者媒合交流會 為國境開放引客暖身/貼文串功成身退!LINE推短影音社交平台LINE VOOM,如何做出差異化?/疫情下台灣 LINE 使用行為解析:98% 用戶增加數位使用,官方帳號數年增 18%/終於不用破萬追蹤!IG 限動連結貼紙全面開放所有用戶/Facebook 近幾年劇烈流失年輕用戶,開始出現「使用者高齡化」趨勢/廣告發佈 24 小時就刪除!短暫內容行銷興起,有哪些優勢與爭議?/台灣虎航x日本島根縣

Cheese Report November 2021

Fun and Trending Agritourism and Farm Tours, Different From What You Think/【Diagram】A Picture of Taiwan's Top 10 Omnichannel E-Commerce! momo Strategizes On Logistics, While PChome Actively On Online Payment/【Interview】McDonald’s APP Has 6 Million Fans, Making the Biggest Change In the Past 7 Years to Reach the Two KPI Regardless of All Oppositions/Quintuple Stimulus Voucher Stimulates Consumption, E-Commerce Q4 2021: Preparing for Peak/KKday Launches "KKday Shop" to Assist Travel Suppliers in Branding and Digitalization! What Are the Functions?/“Squid Game” Reached Over 110 Million Views in A Month! What Is the Successful Secret Behind?/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-September 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for September 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for September 2021/The Ratio of Over 3-Day Domestic Travel Has Increased, And Travel Expenditure Per Person Has Grown Against the Tide/Tourism Bureau Weekly Draws 600,000 Lucky Winners for Domestic Travel Vouchers, With Bonus of Amusement Park and Taiwan Tour Bus/Is Taiwan Tourism Now Emphasizing Cost-Performance or Value-Performance?/Post-Epidemic Sightseeing Business Opportunities, Asian Island Hopping Cruise Alliance by Maritime Port Bureau and Offshore Islands/What Is the Trend of YouTube Marketing in 2021? Brand Visibility and Top of Mind Are Key Factors!/Still, Chasing Traffic? Four Major Trends in LINE Membership Management! Let Users Proactively Follow You/Abandon the IGTV Product Line! Instagram Announced the Merger of IGTV and Dynamic Post Videos/Gen Z: Short Video First! “TickTokalize” From Dating to Work?/Maritime Port Bureau –Promotion of Lighthouse Keepers Picture Book and Popular Science Videos

2021/11 啟示報告

農遊體驗潮好玩 和你想的不一樣/【圖解】momo拚物流、PChome積極做支付!台灣10大電商全通路佈局一張圖看懂/【專訪】麥當勞APP擁600萬麥粉,啟動7年來最大變革,為達哪「兩目標」被罵也要拚?/五倍券轉為助力,電商 Q4 旺季穩/KKday推「KKday商城」協助旅遊供應商做品牌、數位轉型!有什麼功能?/《魷魚遊戲》一個月內觀看數超1.1億!千億商機背後,Netflix劇集的爆紅密碼是什麼?/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 9 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 9 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 9 月 (部分指標為 2021 年8 月數據)/出不了國!三天以上國旅比率增 每人每次旅遊支出逆勢成長/國旅券每週抽出60萬份幸運兒 主題樂園及台灣觀巴加碼送/乘勢升級,台灣觀光講求CP值?還是VP值?/超前部署疫後觀光商機 航港局攜手離島縣市組亞洲跳島遊輪聯盟/2021 Youtube行銷趨勢方向為何?品牌能見度和心佔率是關鍵!/還在追著流量跑?LINE會員經營四大趨勢!讓用戶主動跟著你/捨棄 IGTV 產品線!Instagram 宣布將 IGTV 和動態貼文影片合併/Z世代短影音優先!從交友軟體到工作溝通,都能「抖音化」?/交通部航港局 燈塔守交通繪本宣傳活動與科普影片拍攝案

Cheese Report October 2021

There’s No Going Back! Taiwan’s Leisure Farms Move Forward After the Pandemic/Gen Z Consumers Have Arrived and Will Love You for Personalized Branding!/New Technology and Media in the Era of New Digital Trade/What “Seqalu” Tells Us About Localized Business Management/Shopee Is Launching a Short Video App to Compete with TikTok/Unfazed by the Pandemic, E-Commerce Flourishes in Q4/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for August 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for August 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for August 2021/Expand the Quintuple Voucher by Selecting the Domestic Travel Voucher/“Seven-City Bike Ride” to Revitalize Tourism with Great Food and Big Prizes/Cruise Lines Apply to Resume Sailing as the Pandemic Eases/Travel Expo Starts on Oct. 1; Dining and Accommodations as Much as 85% Off/Top Three Types of Posts Identified in Facebook’s “Widely Viewed Content Report”/IG Micro-Influencers: Taiwan Has the Highest Interaction Rate Globally; Nano-Influencers Under 10,000 Turn the Marketing Funnel Up-Side-Down/What is CTV? How Is It Different from OTT? Market and Ad Trends of Smart/Connected TV/The 2020 Tokyo Olympics DMP Survey Report: Decoding Online Consumer Profiles/Advertising Campaign of Taipei Medical University’s Office of Continuing and Extension Education

2021/10 啟示報告

疫無反顧!台灣休閒農業勇往直前/Z世代消費大軍報到!品牌個人化體驗讓Z世代愛上你!/數位新貿易時代的新科技與新媒體/從斯卡羅看區域商業經營/蝦皮購物將推短影音應用,瞄準 TikTok/不懼疫情雜音 電商Q4旺上加旺/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 8月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 8 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年8月 (部分指標為 7月數據)/勾選國旅券 放大五倍券 玩轉全台灣!/活絡觀光 七城騎跡吃美食抽大獎/疫情趨緩 郵輪遞交復航計畫書/10/1安心逛旅展 住宿/餐券下殺1.5折起/FB 公布「最常瀏覽」報告!三類型貼文最多人看/IG 微網紅趨勢報告:台灣 Instagram 互動率遠超全球、萬人以下奈米網紅翻轉行銷漏斗/CTV是什麼?CTV、OTT差別?2021年智慧/聯網電視市場與廣告趨勢/2020東京奧運 DMP調查報告】線上收看消費者 輪廓大解密/臺北醫學大學 進修推廣處廣告宣傳案

Cheese Report September 2021

E-Commerce and Physical Stores: The Best of Both Worlds in a New Era of Retailing/Five Factors for Choosing an E-Commerce Platform for New Retailers/The Consumer Habits Are Here to Stay! Products that Will Sell Even After the Pandemic/Bibian Partners with Cafe24, Strengthening PChome’s Cross-Border Activities/Over 100 French Shopping Malls to Require Health Pass Starting August 16/Louis Vuitton and Burberry Attract Players with Online Games/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for July 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for July 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for July 2021/MICHELIN Guide Taipei & Taichung 2021: First Green Stars Awarded to 2 Restaurants/China Airlines Participates in the IATA Travel Pass Pilot Program/Traveling Abroad Is Difficult; Should Travel Restrictions Be Lifted?/What Is a Vaccine Passport? How Is It Different from a Vaccine Certificate or Pass?/Post-Pandemic Online Shopping: Facebook’s “Discovery Commerce” Hits the Sweet Spot/A Powerful Tool to Increase Conversion Rate: Decoding LINE Official Accounts/TikTok Overtakes Facebook as World’s Most Downloaded App/Traditional Shopping Channels vs. Social Media (YouTube/IG Influencers) for Advertising/Formosa Television’s Advertising Campaign for 4gTV’s OTT Platform/Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications—National Scenic Area Trail Guidebook

2021/09 啟示報告

迎接新零售時代 線上電商線下實體虛實通吃/品牌電商官網興起,決勝新零售時不可不知的 5 大平台選擇要素/消費習慣回不去了!警戒降級後,「這幾類商品」在電商通路上持續暢銷/強化PChome跨境生態圈 比比昂結盟日本Cafe24展新局/法國100多家購物中心8.16開始強制健康碼/精品包買不起沒關係 LV與Burberry推線上遊戲吸玩家/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 7 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 7 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 7 月 (部分指標為 2021 年 6 月數據)/《臺北臺中米其林指南 2021》星級餐廳出爐 兩家餐廳獲得首度頒發的米其林綠星/國際航空運輸協會旅行通行證 華航長榮加入試辦/出國難,各國該解除旅遊管制嗎?/疫苗護照是什麼?和疫苗證明或通行證有什麼不同?/疫後網購新趨勢:消費者滑到哪買到哪,Facebook 發現式商務打中甜蜜點/轉換率神器,解密 LINE OA 官方帳號操作/TikTok 力壓 Facebook!新登全球下載量冠軍/媒體廣告怎麼選?傳統購物頻道與社群媒體(YouTube/IG網紅)比較/民視-四季線上4gTV OTT平台宣傳/交通部觀光局-國家風景區步道手冊

2021/08 啟示報告

產官齊心協力 攜手防疫拼經濟/疫情後變化 全球調查:線上消費2025年將逾1/3/疫情過後想去哪裡玩?最新調查結果出爐,全台5縣市成最熱門旅遊景點/「數位疫苗護照」一次看!歐盟 27 國 7/1 直接刷手機通關/大家都開什麼線上商店?樂天市場公布疫情下新店趨勢/消費者「宅在家」,都在做什麼?行銷人該掌握的 3 大消費痛點、 2 個行銷機會/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 6 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 6 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 6 月(部分指標為 5 月數據)/太空旅行元年來了,探索「離開地球表面」大商機/雲端旅遊 X世代最捧場/臺灣穆斯林旅遊友善環境 勇奪新月評等世界銀牌/疫後天空,兩種航空業最容易復活 他們是誰?/Google 確認延後淘汰第三方 Cookie 至 2023 年/YouTube Shorts Beta 版在台開放創作,手機即可拍出吸睛短影音/七大數位行銷關鍵議題,與新世代同/全球數位廣告平台市占率,TikTok廣告與Google, Facebook差異/台灣休閒農業觀光協會 「農遊超市」品牌識別設計 & 刊物設計

Cheese Report August 2021

Industry and Government Join Hands in Epidemic Prevention and Economy/Global Survey Indicates 1/3 of People Will Shop Online by 2025/Five Most Sought-After Post-Pandemic Travel Destinations in Taiwan/Scan the EU “Digital COVID Certificate” on the Phone to Get Through Customs in 27 Countries/What New Online Stores Are Being Opened? Rakuten Reports the Trends/How Do Marketers Target Stay-at-Home Consumers? 3 Afflictions and 2 Opportunities/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for June 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for June 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for June 2021/It’s Year 1 of Space Travel! Business Opportunities for Taking Off from Earth/Cloud Travel Is Popular Among Generation X/Taiwan’s Muslim-Friendly Travel Environment Awarded Silver by CrescentRating/Which Two Aviation Sectors Will Rebound the Quickest after the Pandemic?/Google Delays the Removal of Third-Party Cookies until 2023/YouTube Shorts Beta Available in Taiwan; Eye-Catching Short Videos Made with Phones/Seven Key Marketing Trends for the New Generation/Digital Ad Platforms’ Global Market Shares: TikTok versus Google and Facebook/Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association — “Farmtour Market” Brand Identity and Publication Design