Cheese Report May 2021

Get Ready for the Wave of Post-Pandemic Muslim Tourism Business Opportunities/Ramadan, the Muslim New Year: Seizing E-Commerce Opportunities in Southeast Asia/Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean Brands in the Eyes of Malaysians/Spending while at Home: Five Hot Product Types during the Pandemic/Among the Four Major Retail Channels, FamilyMart and PXmart Top the App Charts/LINE Bank Launched: “DREAM” Savings Account Annual Interest Rate as High as 1.62%/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, March 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for March 2021/New Minister of MOTC Lists Taiwan Railways Reform as the First of Eight Priorities/Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taoyuan, and Taichung Received Top Grades in City Lodging Management/Taipei City is the First Northeast Asian City Certified with a WTTC Safe Travel Stamp; Mayor Ko Certifies 35 Tourism Businesses/Cathay Holdings: Over 60% of People Intend to Travel Domestically in Second Half of 2021; Nearly 30% Have No Travel Plans/Amazon Creeps Up to Third Place in Digital Advertising, Threatening to Dethrone Google/Facebook Targets Social Audio with Three Weapons, Invades Podcasts, and Partners with Spotify/Missed the Boat of Podcasts in 2020? Analysis of Social Network Behaviors and Traffic in the Audio-Only Market/Advertising Options for 2021: There Is More to Social Media than Facebook and Instagram!/Cultural Content Consumption Trends: Netflix and KKBOX Dominate Streaming Services/Philippines Department of Tourism (Taiwan Branch) Promotes Davao City

2021/05 啟示報告

穆斯林旅遊崛起 超前部署迎疫後商機/齋戒月 a.k.a. 穆斯林的新年,電商如何搶攻東南亞節慶商機?/馬來西亞人如何看待「中日台韓」四國品牌?MIT意外有優勢!/消費者不出門,不表示他不花錢 ! 疫情下的生活觀察 : 這五類產品有商機/4大零售通路App冠軍榜 全家全聯稱霸超商超市/LINE Bank 正式開行 主打「夢想存款」年息最高1.62%/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 3 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年3 月 (部分指標為 2 月數據)/交通部長王國材上任提8大目標 首先落實台鐵改革/城市好旅宿 高雄、臺南、桃園及臺中榮獲特優/臺北市成為東北亞首座獲WTTC認證安全旅遊戳記城市 柯文哲授證予35家北市旅遊業者/國泰金調查 逾6成民眾下半年傾向國旅 近3成沒有旅遊規劃/亞馬遜搶食數位廣告大餅,默默爬上老三!如何一步步威脅Google的霸主地位?/Facebook端三大武器猛攻聲音社群!進軍Podcast、攜手Spotify,究竟想做什麼?/2020年Podcast趨勢沒跟上?聲音市場的社群行為與聲量全分析! /【2021年廣告投放選擇】社群媒體不只有Facebook和Instagram!/文化內容消費趨勢調查:Netflix、KKBOX 是串流冠軍/菲律賓觀光局台灣分部_菲律賓大堡城市推廣

Cheese Report March 2021

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Still Be with Us Throughout 2021?/How Sentiment over the Coronavirus Is Affecting Consumer Behavior/How Sentiment over the Coronavirus Is Affecting Online Economic Activity/Starbucks Magic – Spend Some Time with a Coffee/‘Paradise 2M’: Your Only Opponent in Life Is Yourself! New Ad Video Released/Foot Traffic & Marketing Strategy: IKEA’s Move Away from Dunhua N. Rd./Who Came Out Ahead from the ‘Salmon’ Name Chaos? What Was Sushi Restaurant Thinking?/Behind the Seemingly Crazy ‘Salmon’ Name Chaos: 4 Psychological Factors/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, February 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for January 2021/Dream Cruises 2021 Island-hopping Schedule Begins/Personal Travel to Return in Second Half of 2021: IATA Director/Countries Planning a ‘Vaccine Passport’; Could Taiwan Be Left Behind?/Post-pandemic Travel Models: Travel Bubbles, Vaccine Passports/Strong Growth in SE Asia Digital Economy: 40 Million New Internet Users in 2020/Facebook Takes Steps to Punish Group Members Who Break Rules/Instagram Introduces Live Rooms, Allows 4 People to Go Live at Once/‘Donations’ Possible on Facebook! Paid Online Events Launched in Taiwan/IQIYI Knocked Out of Top Spot! Taiwan’s Top 10 Subscription Streaming Services/National Treasury Administration – Illicit Tobacco/Alcohol Awareness Campaign

2021/03 啟示報告

疫情會陪著我們渡過2021嗎?/新型冠狀病毒輿情對消費行為的影響/新型冠狀病毒輿情對網路經濟活動的影響/星巴克秀魔術 那些咖啡陪伴的時光/《天堂2M》人生的對手只有自己!金城武首支代言廣告曝光/從IKEA搬離敦北店,來思考「流量」與行銷策略/「鮭魚之亂」誰是贏家?拆解行銷策略:壽司郎到底在想什麼/看似瘋狂的「鮭魚之亂」改名潮,背後隱含著四種心理效應/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 2 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 2 月(部分指標為 2021 年 1 月數據)/星夢郵輪探索夢號2021跳島季啟航/航空運輸協會理事長:下半年可望恢復私人旅行/各國接連規劃「疫苗護照」,疫苗施打意願不高的台灣人怎麼辦?/旅遊泡泡、疫苗護照陸續啟動 後新冠時代迎來新的跨國旅遊模式/《東南亞網路使用報告》數位經濟爆發!2020年4000萬人首次上網|東南亞市場洞察/Facebook 將更新社團安全措施,屢次違規將下架/多人會議成真,IG 推出全新 Live Room 一次開放四人上線/Facebook 也能「抖內」!粉絲專頁將可透過直播自行舉辦付費線上活動/愛奇藝被「它」超越!NCC調查:台灣民眾偏好訂閱的十大線上串流影音App排名/財政部國庫署 私劣菸酒查緝業務宣導

Cheese Report February 2021

Invite Codes, Opening Rooms? Why Clubhouse Has Become So Popular/Facebook-Apple War Intensifies, Zuckerberg Tells Staff to ‘Inflict Pain’ on Apple/Canada Follows Australia, Vows to Make Facebook Pay for News/New 2021 Trend: A Digital Ad World without Cookies/As Bitcoin Soars, Here’s a Dog-related Coin You Should Know About/Middle-aged Taiwanese Men Have Highest Stress Index in Asia: Wearable Device Data/The Appeal of ‘Lucky Bags’: Why Convenience Stores Are Jumping into the Fray/The 4 Microtrends Hiding Big Opportunities in 2021/Korea Fever on the Decline Overseas as In-person Events Affected by COVID-19/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for January 2021/How Tourism Sector Needs to Redefine Itself in the Post-pandemic World/High Volume Tourism Posing Challenge to Travel Quality in Taiwan/Seeing No Loosening of Travel Restrictions, Airlines Selling Everything but Tickets/Eight Hotels in Taiwan Named 2021 Forbes Travel Guide Star Award Winners/Ad Trends to Watch in 2021/Four Ways Brands, e-Commerce Vendors Can Take on New iOS 14 Privacy Policy/Survey of Social Platforms, Influencers Shows Dark Horse Media Soaring/Twitter, Facebook Want In! What’s the Next Step for Clubhouse-like Voice-based Social Media?/LINE Offers New ‘Create OpenChat’ Function/Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center – Digital Promotion/Chunghwa Post ibox Image Campaign

2021/02 啟示報告

邀請碼、開房間?爆紅的語音社群Clubhouse 究竟是何方神聖?/Facebook 大戰蘋果,祖克柏告訴員工:「要讓蘋果感受痛苦」/無懼Facebook「刪好友」!加拿大跟進澳洲,誓言推動內容付費法/2021趨勢新方向:迎接沒有Cookie的數位廣告世界/比特幣天天創新高 另個不可錯過的狗狗幣報你知/穿戴裝置數據顯示:台灣中年男性壓力指數全亞洲最高/解析福袋背後的消費心理!為何全家、7-11、全聯、萊爾富都搶推福袋?/2021年你不能忽視的 4 個「微趨勢」,隱含龐大商機/疫情影響實體活動 海外粉絲對韓流關心度下降/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 1 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 1 月 (部分指標為 2020 年12 月數據)/觀光業必會再起 經濟學人:疫後旅遊如何改變?/掠奪式旅遊 考驗國旅品質/航空業盼不到國門鬆綁 什麼都賣只有機票賣不動/富比士旅遊指南評鑑 全台8家飯店上榜/2021年值得關注的廣告趨勢/iOS 14 隱私權政策「反廣告追蹤」該怎麼辦?品牌電商賣家必做的 4 件因應措施/黑馬媒體竄升!社群平台x網紅年度調查 政客超愛FB/連臉書、推特都想分杯羹!Clubhouse適合抖內或訂閱制嗎,聲音社交下一步是什麼?/LINE 社群全面釋出「建立社群」功能/財團法人器官捐贈移植登錄中心_數位推廣/中華郵政_ibox i郵箱形象推廣

Cheese Report January 2021

Government Looking to Get Ready for Post-pandemic ‘Revenge Tourism’/Major Digital Marketing Trends in 2021: Live Streaming & Podcasts Gain Strength/2021 ‘New Normals’: How Dining, Consumption, and Travel Will Change in New Digital Era/10 Major Trends in 2021: Which Business Will Hit It Big? Who Will Benefit from New Opportunities?/2020 Taiwan Travel Hotspots: Eastern Taiwan at the Top, Tainan only 10th/Overcoming the Dangers of Revenge Tourism: Stanley Yen Lays Out His Vision/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-December 2020/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for December 2020/2022, 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festivals to Be Held in Kaohsiung, Taipei/Turning Creative Tourism into Gold/4 Cycling Routes on Taiwan’s Northern Coast Better than Ever/Domestic Travel Insight: Expensive Hotels Scoring High Occupancy Rates/‘Wu Feng Touring’ Holiday Shuttle Bus to Begin Operating in mid-February/Big Discounts! Korea Grand Sale Opens Online/Airlines Still Struggling to Survive COVID-19: IATA Urges Billions more in Financial Support/Cathay Pacific Rolls Out Solution for Vaccine Distribution/Dream Cruises Offers New Option for Heading Home for the Lunar New Year Holiday/The Rail Economy Enters New Phase: TRA Planning 4 Station Complexes in Next 2 Years/Cancellations of Year-End Banquets Has Hotels Promoting Alternatives/‘Search On’ Event Unveils Ways AI Making Google Search Smarter/Capitalizing on Current Issues in Social Media Marketing/Big Change in YouTube Policy – All Videos to Show Ads/Facebook Unveils New Pages Layout – Surprises Users with Removal of ‘Like’ Button/‘Influencer Marketing Series: Will KOC Be New Influencer Marketing Blue Ocean?/National Treasury Administration – Alcohol Quality Certification Label Campaign

2021/01 啟示報告

備戰疫後報復性旅遊 跨部會需超前部署/2021年7大數位行銷趨勢:直播與 Podcast 影響力大、語音搜尋成 SEO 新戰場/2021新生活!實體場域大遷徙,美食、消費、旅行將發生什麼改變?/2021年十大趨勢:哪些產業會大躍進?下一波商機落在誰家?/2020年台灣熱門旅遊城市出爐,花東奪冠,台南只排第10!國旅機票怎麼買最划算?/猛爆式國旅危機有解方?嚴長壽:有生活文明,才有永續觀光!/台灣出國目的地統計數據2020年1-12月/主計處重要經濟指標2020年12月(部分指標為11月數據)/2022、2023年台灣燈會將於高雄、臺北與您再見!/ 旅創成金/北海岸4大自行車動線 騎遊賞海景/國旅大見解 當秧悅美地遇上虹夕諾雅 谷關/「迴遊・阿罩霧」假日巡迴巴士/減價大優惠!韓國購物季線上開跑/新冠疫情與航空業續命:IATA呼籲各國援助800億美元/國泰貨運推出全球疫苗空運專案/春節「搭郵輪」返鄉!星夢郵輪首創 輕鬆「玩」到家/軌道經濟邁入4.0階段!台鐵:2年內完成4大車站招商/大型尾牙紛喊卡!飯店火速因應 推「包棟」郵輪式尾牙搶攻商機/AI讓Google搜尋變得更聰明:Search On發布最新5項Google AI應用/社群跟風炒作議題 必殺密技大公開/Youtube政策大轉變!未來所有影片都將插入廣告/Facebook 移除粉絲專頁按讚鈕,能打造更專注追蹤者連結的社群生態嗎?/【影響力行銷系列】Lesson 3:KOC會是網紅行銷新藍海?/財政部國庫署_優質酒類認證標誌推廣

2020/11 啟示報告

看準年輕人追求「儀式感」 LINE 推電子禮券送禮一指搞定/如廁黃金15分鐘-北捷用大數據提升公廁服務/《鬼滅之刃》超越《冰雪奇緣》登台灣動畫票房冠軍/3大理由告訴你,日本迴轉壽司為何紛紛來台?/Podcast廣告買了一定賺?合作對象、時段怎麼選?21位廣告主現身說法「超級任天堂世界」2021年2月4日開幕!神還原蘑菇王國、真人版瑪利歐賽車/超焦慮的2020年,冰島讓你放聲尖叫!/Instagram 購物功能 台灣市場正式上線/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2020 年 1-10 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2020 年 10 月 (部分指標為 9 月數據)/公主遊輪 藍寶石公主號 2021華麗回歸台灣/讓菲律賓喚醒你 一起編織美好旅行夢/香港美酒佳餚巡禮 黯然銷魂飯 食神線上教/交通部提出微旅行2.0進階版,串連飛行體驗與地方遊程,帶動觀光、航空及機場產業振興發展/疫情導致企業預算降低 廉航蠶食商務旅遊市場/輪轉台灣多元旅行一「騎」來/玩一次3萬元!台鐵「鳴日號」神秘啟動,贏家私房路線曝光/旅館一片拋售潮 這個38歲CEO大膽買起來,他看到什麼?/國旅仍難取代出國 近六成國人疫情解封一年內就想飛/台灣觀光行銷輸在哪?魏德聖自嘲:日本把沒什麼做到有什麼,我們相反/不怕忘記密碼了~ LINE開放「生物辨識」登入,iPad用戶搶先體驗!/臉書Messenger與IG新增訊息自動消失模式/廣告用聽的!Google 宣布推出 YouTube 音訊廣告 Beta 版/年輕人究竟看什麼?YouTube 公布年輕人影音觀看偏好/Facebook 篩選優先審查內容 3 大指標判斷/英國文化協會 台灣IELTS雅思官方考試中心「IELTS雅思考試推廣數位活動」

Cheese Report October 2020

Travel Agencies Branch Out to Survive, Move into Food and Beverage, Fitness Sectors/Analyst Sees iPhone12 Triggering Unprecedented Upgrade Cycle/Digital Transformation! Decades-old Brand Formosa Optical Upends the Industry/From Social Banking to Internet-only Bank, LINE Financial Service Strategies Taking Shape/21 Advertisers Sound Off on Value of Podcast Ads and How to Choose the Right One/Facebook Develops New AI Language Tool, Can Translate any Pair of 100 Languages/In the Social Media Age, Nano Influencers May Pack the Biggest Punch/Tourism Outbound Departure Statistics, January-September 2020/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for September 2020/Passenger Traffic on Taiwanese Airlines Down 69.7% in First Eight Months of 2020/Singapore Airlines Pandemic Promotion – Turning an A380 into a Restaurant/Mandarin Airlines Offers Exclusive Package to Taitung New Year’s Eve Concert/Sun Moon Lake Come!BikeDay Festival to Run until Nov. 21/Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises Latest Cruise Lines Set to Resume Keelung Services/Domestic Travel Surge May Not Be Enough to Help Travel Agencies Survive/Singapore and Hong Kong Set Up Bilateral Air Travel Bubble/Messenger and Instagram Chat Features Merged; Eliminates Need for App/What Is Remarketing? 7 Classic Facebook Remarketing Approaches/LINE Introduces ‘Official Account List+’ Tag Function, Personalized Menu/Can You Sell Anything in Podcast Ads? Keys to ‘Monetization’ of Podcast Promotions/Korea Tourism Organization: ‘Korea Wants to See You, Tigerair Ready to Take Off’/National Taiwan Sport University 2020 Water Safety Promotion

2020/10 啟示報告

賣餐飲、開健身房 旅行社轉型求生/iPhone12掀換機超級周期?Wedbush:規模將前所未有/數位轉型奏效!40年龍頭品牌寶島眼鏡,翻轉傳統配鏡體驗/從社群銀行到純網銀!LINE在台、日、泰三大市場還要佈局哪些金融策略?/Podcast廣告買了一定賺?合作對象、時段怎麼選?21位廣告主現身說法/Facebook 發表新語言AI,可實現 100 種語言間一對一翻譯!/小兵立大功!社群時代下,奈米網紅或更具銷售力/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2020 年 1-9月/主計處重要經濟指標 2020 年 9 月(部分指標為 8 月數據)/109 年 1-8月我國航空客運量較上年同期減少 69.7%/新加坡航空創意抗「疫」 A380客機變餐廳/華信航空獨家推出烏托邦曙光愛心專機 到台東跨年聽演唱會/日月潭Come!BikeDay花火音樂嘉年華/繼麗星之後 歌詩達與公主郵輪相繼復航基隆/掛牌領補助 旅行社總公司家數不減反增/新加坡香港將推旅遊泡泡 行前檢測取代隔離/Messenger跟Instagram訊息整合了!聊天不用再切換App,10項新功能一次看/再行銷是什麼?7 個經典Facebook再行銷方法/不串API也能用!LINE推「官方帳號分眾+」,標籤功能、個人化選單免費開放/在Podcast下廣告,什麼都好賣?5,000字讀懂耳機裡的「變現術」!/韓國觀光公社【韓國想見你 台虎想念號Take Off】/國立體育大學 109年水域安全推廣

Cheese Report September 2020

Travel Industry Facing Bigger Challenges as First Round of Subsidies Running Out/Uncovering 9 Reasons Why Digital Ads Do Not Work/Best of Times and Worst of Times? Post-COVID-19 e-commerce Challenges and Opportunities/Pandemic Changing Lifestyles – Nearly 40% of Shoppers Prefer Buying Online/Home Delivery Spending Over NT$1 Billion per Month Even as Pandemic Scare Eases/How to Connect with Gen Z – Conde Nast Social Influencer White Paper Offers Some Hints/Exclusive Survey: CommonWealth CSR Top 100 Sees ESG as Investment Focus of the Future