Cheese Report December 2021

Thailand Has Reopened to Taiwanese with Quarantine-Free Entry in November/Why Does Facebook Rename Itself Meta? What Are the Implications and Potential Challenges Behind?/Gucci and Balenciaga Are Rushing to Launch Virtual Products! Research: Metaverse Seen as US$50 Billion Business Opportunities for Luxury Brands/Facebook Marketing Summit: 90% Of Taiwanese Users Follow Businesses Accounts on Instagram/Double 11 Shopping Festival 2021 Hit A New High! Sales Performance And Hot-Selling List of 5 E-Commerce: momo, PChome, Tmall, And Shopee/Survey on E-Commerce Shopping Festival: Taiwanese Spent an Average of NT$15,073 Yearly/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-October 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for October 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for October 2021/What Kind of New Norms Will Be Generated After the Aviation Industry Recovers in 2023?/2020 Theme Index Museum Index: How Do Amusement Parks Survive In the Epidemic? Is There A Hope?/Tourism Bureau Held Muslim Tourism B2B Matchmaking, Preparing to Attract Visitors for Border Opening/LINE Launched the Short-Form Video Platform LINE VOOM, Replacing LINE Timeline! How to Differentiate?/The Analysis of LINE Taiwan Usage Behavior During the Epidemic: 98% Of Users Increased Their Digital Usage Through LINE; Official Accounts Increased by 18% Over the Years/Finally! Link Sticker Function Was Open to All Users on Instagram Stories, No Restriction of 10K Followers/Facebook Has Lost Its Young Users Drastically in Recent Years, Showing the Trend of "Aging Users"/Ads Deleted Within 24 Hours After Posting! What Are the Advantages and Controversies of Short-Lived Content Marketing?/Tigerair Taiwan ​​–Shimane Prefecture, Japan

2021/12 啟示報告

泰國重啟觀光 11月起台灣入境免隔離/臉書為何需改名叫Meta?背後有哪些涵義和潛在挑戰?/Gucci、巴黎世家都搶推虛擬商品!研究:元宇宙可望為精品業創造500億美元商機/Facebook 行銷高峰會 台灣九成用戶在Instagram 追蹤商家/雙 11 業績創新高!momo、PChome、天貓、蝦皮等 5 家電商成績及熱銷商品懶人包/【電商購物節調查】臺灣網友電商購物節年均消費15,073元/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 10 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 10 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 10 月 (部分指標為 2021 年9 月數據)/2023年航空業大復甦,將催生哪些新常態?/2020全球主題公園報告出爐:疫情下的樂園如何生存?隧道盡頭可有曙光?/觀光局舉辦穆斯林旅遊B2B 業者媒合交流會 為國境開放引客暖身/貼文串功成身退!LINE推短影音社交平台LINE VOOM,如何做出差異化?/疫情下台灣 LINE 使用行為解析:98% 用戶增加數位使用,官方帳號數年增 18%/終於不用破萬追蹤!IG 限動連結貼紙全面開放所有用戶/Facebook 近幾年劇烈流失年輕用戶,開始出現「使用者高齡化」趨勢/廣告發佈 24 小時就刪除!短暫內容行銷興起,有哪些優勢與爭議?/台灣虎航x日本島根縣