Cheese Report January 2022

Dapeng Bay, Pingtung, The Best and Safe Place to Dabble in Water in a Warm Winter/Immersive Shopping Experience Is the Key, 5 Trends of Fashion E-commerce in 2022/70% Of Internet Users Were Willing to Pay for Online Content, Especially Gen Z! Online Courses and Entertainment Were Monetizable Content Types/Metaverse and Multi-functional Apps Are Trends! Eastern Online: 3 Major Marketing Strategies to Face the Changing Consumer Behaviors/How Will Consumers Change in the Next 10 Years?/LINE NEXT Corporation Established to Expand NFT Ecosystem/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-November 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for November 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for November 2021/Omicron Variant! When Could We Go Abroad? Five Observations for 2022/Complicated Travel Procedures in the Post-epidemic Era, 10% Are Willing to Travel With Tour Group/"One ID" Facial Recognition Trial Launched at the Taoyuan International Airport, Passengers: Convenient and Timesaving/The Mystery of A Prefecture Mascot in Japan: How Can the Cute Kumamon Win People's Hearts All Over the World?/Digital Advertising Marketing Review: Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Google, ASA, Podcast/Keeping Up with Year in Search 2021, Google Trends/Twitter, the Newspaper of Gen Z, Is the Main Battlefield for Brands to Target Young People/How to Run An Instagram Account? Strategic Planning for Instagram Marketing and 5 Management Tips/Case 1: Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation –Okinawa Online Quiz Game/Case 2: National Treasury Administration –Alcohol Quality Certification Label Campaign 2021

2022/01 啟示報告

屏東大鵬灣有風無浪 暖冬戲水好去處/打造沈浸式購物體驗成關鍵,2022 時尚電商 5 大趨勢解析/7成網友願意付錢看網路內容、Z世代是黃金族群!課程、娛樂最吸金/元宇宙、超級App成強勁趨勢!東方線上:3大行銷策略迎戰回不去的消費行為/消費者的面貌,未來10年內將發生什麼改變?/「LINE NEXT」公司成立!一次看懂LINE的NFT布局/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 11 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 11 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 11 月 (部分指標為 2021 年10 月數據)/打完第二劑卻爆Omicron,什麼時候能出國?2022疫情五大觀察點/後疫情出國旅遊手續變複雜 參團意願增近1成/桃機「One ID臉部辨識系統」試辦上路 旅客讚便利省時間/熊本熊之謎:區區一個地方軟萌吉祥物,為何能虜獲全球人的心?/數位廣告行銷回顧:FB、IG、LINE、Google、ASA、Podcast/你有跟上嗎?Google 2021年度搜尋排行榜公開/Twitter 是 Z 世代的「報紙」,品牌拚年輕市場的主戰區/如何經營 IG 粉專?IG 行銷策略規劃及經營 5 大方向教學/沖繩縣産業振興公社【沖繩闖關活動】/財政部國庫署 優質酒類認證制度網路宣導採購案