Cheese Report January 2021

Government Looking to Get Ready for Post-pandemic ‘Revenge Tourism’/Major Digital Marketing Trends in 2021: Live Streaming & Podcasts Gain Strength/2021 ‘New Normals’: How Dining, Consumption, and Travel Will Change in New Digital Era/10 Major Trends in 2021: Which Business Will Hit It Big? Who Will Benefit from New Opportunities?/2020 Taiwan Travel Hotspots: Eastern Taiwan at the Top, Tainan only 10th/Overcoming the Dangers of Revenge Tourism: Stanley Yen Lays Out His Vision/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-December 2020/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for December 2020/2022, 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festivals to Be Held in Kaohsiung, Taipei/Turning Creative Tourism into Gold/4 Cycling Routes on Taiwan’s Northern Coast Better than Ever/Domestic Travel Insight: Expensive Hotels Scoring High Occupancy Rates/‘Wu Feng Touring’ Holiday Shuttle Bus to Begin Operating in mid-February/Big Discounts! Korea Grand Sale Opens Online/Airlines Still Struggling to Survive COVID-19: IATA Urges Billions more in Financial Support/Cathay Pacific Rolls Out Solution for Vaccine Distribution/Dream Cruises Offers New Option for Heading Home for the Lunar New Year Holiday/The Rail Economy Enters New Phase: TRA Planning 4 Station Complexes in Next 2 Years/Cancellations of Year-End Banquets Has Hotels Promoting Alternatives/‘Search On’ Event Unveils Ways AI Making Google Search Smarter/Capitalizing on Current Issues in Social Media Marketing/Big Change in YouTube Policy – All Videos to Show Ads/Facebook Unveils New Pages Layout – Surprises Users with Removal of ‘Like’ Button/‘Influencer Marketing Series: Will KOC Be New Influencer Marketing Blue Ocean?/National Treasury Administration – Alcohol Quality Certification Label Campaign

2021/01 啟示報告

備戰疫後報復性旅遊 跨部會需超前部署/2021年7大數位行銷趨勢:直播與 Podcast 影響力大、語音搜尋成 SEO 新戰場/2021新生活!實體場域大遷徙,美食、消費、旅行將發生什麼改變?/2021年十大趨勢:哪些產業會大躍進?下一波商機落在誰家?/2020年台灣熱門旅遊城市出爐,花東奪冠,台南只排第10!國旅機票怎麼買最划算?/猛爆式國旅危機有解方?嚴長壽:有生活文明,才有永續觀光!/台灣出國目的地統計數據2020年1-12月/主計處重要經濟指標2020年12月(部分指標為11月數據)/2022、2023年台灣燈會將於高雄、臺北與您再見!/ 旅創成金/北海岸4大自行車動線 騎遊賞海景/國旅大見解 當秧悅美地遇上虹夕諾雅 谷關/「迴遊・阿罩霧」假日巡迴巴士/減價大優惠!韓國購物季線上開跑/新冠疫情與航空業續命:IATA呼籲各國援助800億美元/國泰貨運推出全球疫苗空運專案/春節「搭郵輪」返鄉!星夢郵輪首創 輕鬆「玩」到家/軌道經濟邁入4.0階段!台鐵:2年內完成4大車站招商/大型尾牙紛喊卡!飯店火速因應 推「包棟」郵輪式尾牙搶攻商機/AI讓Google搜尋變得更聰明:Search On發布最新5項Google AI應用/社群跟風炒作議題 必殺密技大公開/Youtube政策大轉變!未來所有影片都將插入廣告/Facebook 移除粉絲專頁按讚鈕,能打造更專注追蹤者連結的社群生態嗎?/【影響力行銷系列】Lesson 3:KOC會是網紅行銷新藍海?/財政部國庫署_優質酒類認證標誌推廣