2020/04 Cheese Report

Survey of Consumer Behavior in Taiwan in Last Month/Post-virus, Saving, not Spending, the Priority in China/Sweets and Sex Reaching the ‘at-Home’ Consumer/Stay-at-Home: Big Opportunities for Video Platforms, Live Streaming/Education Site Traffic Soars 1185%! Report on Q1 Trends Offers 6 Major Insights/Facebook Launches Free Video Calling Services for Up to 50 People/Kantar Taiwan: Food & Beverage Industry Hurting, but Food Delivery Services Up Sharply/5 Creative Ads Inspired by the COVID-19 Outbreak that Have Gained Big Followings/Competition for YouTube, Twitch: Facebook Gaming App Hits the Market/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-March 2020/Latest DGBAS Economic Indicators for Taiwan/‘Korea Wants to See You’ – Touring Korea Online/Second Relief Package for Tourism Sector Unveiled/In Move to Help Airlines, Passenger Aircraft Allowed to Transport Cargo/Lion Travel Looks to Boost Business through Agricultural Partnership/Travel Industry Focus Post-epidemic Likely to Be Short-haul Market/Make Consumers’ Hearts ‘Riot’ – 4 Keys to Success during the Epidemic/Analysis of Share of Voice of COVID-19-related Issues on Social Media/2020 Pixnet Social Survey: Ads Geared to Converting Sales/Summary of 2020 Social Network Platform Trends/Still Going on Instinct on KOL Marketing? Data a Better Way to Devise KOL Strategy/Social Media Marketing – How to Use IG Hashtags to Market Brands/VoiceTube English Language Day Event

2020/04 啟示報告

近一個月台灣消費行為調查!/沒有報復式消費,疫情後轉向省錢模式/疫情影響下的逆襲!如何從消費心理與行為變化「宅入」新商機?/宅在家 影視平台、直播 商機大發酵/教育網站流量暴漲 1185%!2020 年第一季搜尋趨勢報告總結 6 大觀察/Facebook 推出視訊通話服務,最多可供 50 人同時在線/Kantar 凱度台灣 COVID-19 疫情特輯:疫情帶來餐飲寒冬,美食外送平台逆勢成長/疫情激發廣告創意,5 個防疫期間超吸睛的廣告案例/與 YouTube、Twitch 競爭!「Facebook Gaming」手遊直播 App 上架/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2020 年 1-3 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2020 年 3 月 (部分指標為 2 月數據)/【韓國想見你】帶你線上遊韓國/觀光產業第二波紓困出爐/開放客機載貨!林佳龍:航空公司的活路/農業找通路觀光找出路 雄獅旅遊門市開賣農產品/疫情趨緩後 旅遊業可轉向短途市場//讓消費者「心臟暴動」 品牌抗「疫」4 個決勝點/COVID-19 相關議題社群聲量分析/廣告求轉換 內容攬新客!PIXNET發布 2020 年社群藍皮書/2020 年社群平台趨勢 重點整理/還在憑直覺做網紅行銷?用數據成功打造網紅行銷策略/社群行銷「標籤化」!如何用 IG Hashtag 行銷品牌?/VoiceTube 世界英語日活動