Cheese Report October 2021

There’s No Going Back! Taiwan’s Leisure Farms Move Forward After the Pandemic/Gen Z Consumers Have Arrived and Will Love You for Personalized Branding!/New Technology and Media in the Era of New Digital Trade/What “Seqalu” Tells Us About Localized Business Management/Shopee Is Launching a Short Video App to Compete with TikTok/Unfazed by the Pandemic, E-Commerce Flourishes in Q4/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for August 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for August 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for August 2021/Expand the Quintuple Voucher by Selecting the Domestic Travel Voucher/“Seven-City Bike Ride” to Revitalize Tourism with Great Food and Big Prizes/Cruise Lines Apply to Resume Sailing as the Pandemic Eases/Travel Expo Starts on Oct. 1; Dining and Accommodations as Much as 85% Off/Top Three Types of Posts Identified in Facebook’s “Widely Viewed Content Report”/IG Micro-Influencers: Taiwan Has the Highest Interaction Rate Globally; Nano-Influencers Under 10,000 Turn the Marketing Funnel Up-Side-Down/What is CTV? How Is It Different from OTT? Market and Ad Trends of Smart/Connected TV/The 2020 Tokyo Olympics DMP Survey Report: Decoding Online Consumer Profiles/Advertising Campaign of Taipei Medical University’s Office of Continuing and Extension Education

2021/10 啟示報告

疫無反顧!台灣休閒農業勇往直前/Z世代消費大軍報到!品牌個人化體驗讓Z世代愛上你!/數位新貿易時代的新科技與新媒體/從斯卡羅看區域商業經營/蝦皮購物將推短影音應用,瞄準 TikTok/不懼疫情雜音 電商Q4旺上加旺/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 8月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 8 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年8月 (部分指標為 7月數據)/勾選國旅券 放大五倍券 玩轉全台灣!/活絡觀光 七城騎跡吃美食抽大獎/疫情趨緩 郵輪遞交復航計畫書/10/1安心逛旅展 住宿/餐券下殺1.5折起/FB 公布「最常瀏覽」報告!三類型貼文最多人看/IG 微網紅趨勢報告:台灣 Instagram 互動率遠超全球、萬人以下奈米網紅翻轉行銷漏斗/CTV是什麼?CTV、OTT差別?2021年智慧/聯網電視市場與廣告趨勢/2020東京奧運 DMP調查報告】線上收看消費者 輪廓大解密/臺北醫學大學 進修推廣處廣告宣傳案