Cheese Report March 2021

Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Still Be with Us Throughout 2021?/How Sentiment over the Coronavirus Is Affecting Consumer Behavior/How Sentiment over the Coronavirus Is Affecting Online Economic Activity/Starbucks Magic – Spend Some Time with a Coffee/‘Paradise 2M’: Your Only Opponent in Life Is Yourself! New Ad Video Released/Foot Traffic & Marketing Strategy: IKEA’s Move Away from Dunhua N. Rd./Who Came Out Ahead from the ‘Salmon’ Name Chaos? What Was Sushi Restaurant Thinking?/Behind the Seemingly Crazy ‘Salmon’ Name Chaos: 4 Psychological Factors/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, February 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for January 2021/Dream Cruises 2021 Island-hopping Schedule Begins/Personal Travel to Return in Second Half of 2021: IATA Director/Countries Planning a ‘Vaccine Passport’; Could Taiwan Be Left Behind?/Post-pandemic Travel Models: Travel Bubbles, Vaccine Passports/Strong Growth in SE Asia Digital Economy: 40 Million New Internet Users in 2020/Facebook Takes Steps to Punish Group Members Who Break Rules/Instagram Introduces Live Rooms, Allows 4 People to Go Live at Once/‘Donations’ Possible on Facebook! Paid Online Events Launched in Taiwan/IQIYI Knocked Out of Top Spot! Taiwan’s Top 10 Subscription Streaming Services/National Treasury Administration – Illicit Tobacco/Alcohol Awareness Campaign

2021/03 啟示報告

疫情會陪著我們渡過2021嗎?/新型冠狀病毒輿情對消費行為的影響/新型冠狀病毒輿情對網路經濟活動的影響/星巴克秀魔術 那些咖啡陪伴的時光/《天堂2M》人生的對手只有自己!金城武首支代言廣告曝光/從IKEA搬離敦北店,來思考「流量」與行銷策略/「鮭魚之亂」誰是贏家?拆解行銷策略:壽司郎到底在想什麼/看似瘋狂的「鮭魚之亂」改名潮,背後隱含著四種心理效應/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 2 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 2 月(部分指標為 2021 年 1 月數據)/星夢郵輪探索夢號2021跳島季啟航/航空運輸協會理事長:下半年可望恢復私人旅行/各國接連規劃「疫苗護照」,疫苗施打意願不高的台灣人怎麼辦?/旅遊泡泡、疫苗護照陸續啟動 後新冠時代迎來新的跨國旅遊模式/《東南亞網路使用報告》數位經濟爆發!2020年4000萬人首次上網|東南亞市場洞察/Facebook 將更新社團安全措施,屢次違規將下架/多人會議成真,IG 推出全新 Live Room 一次開放四人上線/Facebook 也能「抖內」!粉絲專頁將可透過直播自行舉辦付費線上活動/愛奇藝被「它」超越!NCC調查:台灣民眾偏好訂閱的十大線上串流影音App排名/財政部國庫署 私劣菸酒查緝業務宣導