Cheese Report May 2021

Get Ready for the Wave of Post-Pandemic Muslim Tourism Business Opportunities/Ramadan, the Muslim New Year: Seizing E-Commerce Opportunities in Southeast Asia/Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean Brands in the Eyes of Malaysians/Spending while at Home: Five Hot Product Types during the Pandemic/Among the Four Major Retail Channels, FamilyMart and PXmart Top the App Charts/LINE Bank Launched: “DREAM” Savings Account Annual Interest Rate as High as 1.62%/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, March 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for March 2021/New Minister of MOTC Lists Taiwan Railways Reform as the First of Eight Priorities/Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taoyuan, and Taichung Received Top Grades in City Lodging Management/Taipei City is the First Northeast Asian City Certified with a WTTC Safe Travel Stamp; Mayor Ko Certifies 35 Tourism Businesses/Cathay Holdings: Over 60% of People Intend to Travel Domestically in Second Half of 2021; Nearly 30% Have No Travel Plans/Amazon Creeps Up to Third Place in Digital Advertising, Threatening to Dethrone Google/Facebook Targets Social Audio with Three Weapons, Invades Podcasts, and Partners with Spotify/Missed the Boat of Podcasts in 2020? Analysis of Social Network Behaviors and Traffic in the Audio-Only Market/Advertising Options for 2021: There Is More to Social Media than Facebook and Instagram!/Cultural Content Consumption Trends: Netflix and KKBOX Dominate Streaming Services/Philippines Department of Tourism (Taiwan Branch) Promotes Davao City

2021/05 啟示報告

穆斯林旅遊崛起 超前部署迎疫後商機/齋戒月 a.k.a. 穆斯林的新年,電商如何搶攻東南亞節慶商機?/馬來西亞人如何看待「中日台韓」四國品牌?MIT意外有優勢!/消費者不出門,不表示他不花錢 ! 疫情下的生活觀察 : 這五類產品有商機/4大零售通路App冠軍榜 全家全聯稱霸超商超市/LINE Bank 正式開行 主打「夢想存款」年息最高1.62%/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 3 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年3 月 (部分指標為 2 月數據)/交通部長王國材上任提8大目標 首先落實台鐵改革/城市好旅宿 高雄、臺南、桃園及臺中榮獲特優/臺北市成為東北亞首座獲WTTC認證安全旅遊戳記城市 柯文哲授證予35家北市旅遊業者/國泰金調查 逾6成民眾下半年傾向國旅 近3成沒有旅遊規劃/亞馬遜搶食數位廣告大餅,默默爬上老三!如何一步步威脅Google的霸主地位?/Facebook端三大武器猛攻聲音社群!進軍Podcast、攜手Spotify,究竟想做什麼?/2020年Podcast趨勢沒跟上?聲音市場的社群行為與聲量全分析! /【2021年廣告投放選擇】社群媒體不只有Facebook和Instagram!/文化內容消費趨勢調查:Netflix、KKBOX 是串流冠軍/菲律賓觀光局台灣分部_菲律賓大堡城市推廣