Cheese Report February 2022

Featured Report 1: Eat More, Work Less! Glamping Experience in Taiwan/Featured Report 2: Taiwan Hot Springs –Take A Warm Trip with Hot Springs/Research: The Scale of Social E-commerce Will Grow 200% in the Next Three Years/Customer Contribution Increased 170%! Marketing Expert: E-commerce Can Grow With Physical Stores/Super-Personalized Marketing Takes Shape, Merchants Will Know Consumers Better Than Themselves in the Future/Do You Live In the Real World or the Digital World? Market Survey Statistics: Each Person Spent 4.8 Hours a Day on Mobile Phone in 2021/Consumers Expect Low Carbon Emissions, However, Will It Impact Product Prices?/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-December 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for December 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for December 2021/Global Passport Powerful Rank 2022: Japan Top 1, Taiwan Top 32, China 64/Is It Just Luck to Be Alive?/Glamping Costs Over 10,000 a Night, but It's Hard to Get a Single One! Why?/High-Quality Transportation, Professional and Excellence Construction/Podcast Listening Volume Increased by 200% Annually! 2021 Taiwan Sound Economy Report by SoundOn: “Wage Slave” Top 1 Favorite/TikTok Beats Google, Becoming the Global Traffic Champion of 2021/Analysts Pointed Out Key Indicators, YouTube Is Expected to Surpass Netflix as the "King of Streaming"/What Are the Marketing Trends in 2022? Insights and Analysis of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends/Cheong Kwan Jang –Social Media Campaign “The Moments!”

2022/02 啟示報告

呷好做輕巧 在台灣輕鬆體驗豪華露營/台灣泡好湯 跟著溫泉暖旅行/研調:社群電商規模,未來三年倍增/有做這件事,顧客貢獻度多170%!行銷專家:電商也可以跟實體店面一起成長/超級個人化行銷成形,未來商家將比消費者更了解自己/你活在現實還是網路世界裡?市調統計:2021 年每人每天平均 4.8 小時滑手機/消費者期待「低碳排」,將衝擊產品售價?行銷人該思考的事/台灣出國目的地統計數據2021年12月/來臺旅客統計數據2021年12月/主計處重要經濟指標2021年12月(部分指標為2021年11月數據)/2022最強大護照排名 日本居首 台灣32中國64/Don't Look Up,活著只是幸運而已嗎?/景氣蕭條…豪華露營一晚要價破萬,卻一帳難求!為什麼?/優質交通 專業打造 精益求精/Podcast收聽量年增200%!SoundOn 2021台灣聲音經濟報告:「職場社畜」類聽眾最愛/TikTok 打敗網路王者 Google,奪 2021 年全球流量冠軍/分析師點出關鍵指標,YouTube 可望超越 Netflix 成「串流媒體之王」/2022行銷趨勢有哪些?最新數位/網路行銷趨勢洞察與分析/正官庄【這個Moment,Hen可以!】社群活動