Cheese Report November 2020

LINE Promotes e-Vouchers to Satisfy Younger Generation’s ‘Sense of Ritual’/Golden 15 Minutes – Taipei MRT Using Big Data to Improve Public Bathroom Services/‘Demon Slayer’ Surpasses ‘Frozen’ as Top Animation Box Office Hit in Taiwan/3 Reasons Why Japanese Conveyor Belt Sushi Brands Flocking to Taiwa/‘Super Nintendo World’ with Mario Kart Ride, Mushroom Kingdom to Open in Osaka/To Deal with 2020’s High Anxiety, Iceland Ready to Help You Scream and ‘Let It Out’ /Instagram Shopping Feature Comes to Taiwan’s Market/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-October 2020/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for October 2020/Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess Set to Return to Taiwan in 2021/‘Wake Up in the Philippines,’ Create a Beautiful Travel Dream/‘Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival’ Goes Online to Show Off Delicacies/MOTC Proposes Micro Travel 2.0, Hopes to Boost Air Travel Experiences, Local Exploration/Budget Airlines Could Take Share of Business Travel Market as Corporate Travel Budgets Fall/Cycling Taiwan Promotion Gains Momentum/For NT$30,000, VIPs Get Exclusive Tour on Award-winning TRA Railcar/Why Did a 38-year-old CEO Buy a Hotel at a Time When They Are Being Dumped? /Domestic Travel Just Not the Same! Survey Finds 60% of Taiwanese Eager to Travel Abroad/Taiwan’s Tourism Marketing Gone Wrong? Turning Something into Nothing: director/LINE Launches Biometrics to Log In; iPad Users to Get the First Crack at It/Facebook Messenger and Instagram Add Automatic ‘Vanish Mode’ Feature/Ads for Listeners! Google Introduces Audio Ads on YouTube in Beta/What Are Young People Watching? YouTube Has the Answer/Facebook Uses Three Major Indicators to Prioritize Posts, Filter Content/British Council Taiwan IELTS Test Center ‘IELTS Testing Digital Campaign’

2020/11 啟示報告

看準年輕人追求「儀式感」 LINE 推電子禮券送禮一指搞定/如廁黃金15分鐘-北捷用大數據提升公廁服務/《鬼滅之刃》超越《冰雪奇緣》登台灣動畫票房冠軍/3大理由告訴你,日本迴轉壽司為何紛紛來台?/Podcast廣告買了一定賺?合作對象、時段怎麼選?21位廣告主現身說法「超級任天堂世界」2021年2月4日開幕!神還原蘑菇王國、真人版瑪利歐賽車/超焦慮的2020年,冰島讓你放聲尖叫!/Instagram 購物功能 台灣市場正式上線/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2020 年 1-10 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2020 年 10 月 (部分指標為 9 月數據)/公主遊輪 藍寶石公主號 2021華麗回歸台灣/讓菲律賓喚醒你 一起編織美好旅行夢/香港美酒佳餚巡禮 黯然銷魂飯 食神線上教/交通部提出微旅行2.0進階版,串連飛行體驗與地方遊程,帶動觀光、航空及機場產業振興發展/疫情導致企業預算降低 廉航蠶食商務旅遊市場/輪轉台灣多元旅行一「騎」來/玩一次3萬元!台鐵「鳴日號」神秘啟動,贏家私房路線曝光/旅館一片拋售潮 這個38歲CEO大膽買起來,他看到什麼?/國旅仍難取代出國 近六成國人疫情解封一年內就想飛/台灣觀光行銷輸在哪?魏德聖自嘲:日本把沒什麼做到有什麼,我們相反/不怕忘記密碼了~ LINE開放「生物辨識」登入,iPad用戶搶先體驗!/臉書Messenger與IG新增訊息自動消失模式/廣告用聽的!Google 宣布推出 YouTube 音訊廣告 Beta 版/年輕人究竟看什麼?YouTube 公布年輕人影音觀看偏好/Facebook 篩選優先審查內容 3 大指標判斷/英國文化協會 台灣IELTS雅思官方考試中心「IELTS雅思考試推廣數位活動」