Cheese Report September 2022

Aim for Unblocking Borders! Get to Know All the Latest News from Airline Companies and Cruise Lines
The Timing for the Full Recovery of Global Airline Market is Revealed

Post-Pandemic Trend: How Should Tourism Merge Digital Payment?

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Cheese Report August 2022

Quickly grasp the information of the main domestic airlines.
Showing highlights to draw consumers’ attention as the tourism market prepares to reopen.

China Airlines launched Japan’s well-known animation painting.
EVA Air has released a new route map for Europe.
STARLUX Airlines has launched a new route to Japan.

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Cheese Report July 2022

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, May 2022/Inbound Visitor Statistics for May 2022/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for May 2022/To Take Advantage of the Significant Business Opportunity of the Post-epidemic Recovery, the Tourism Sector Is Shifting From the “First Row of the Tsunami” to the “First Row of the Ocean View”/There Were No Visitors Arriving in Japan on the Opening Day of the Country’s Unblocking. A V-Shaped Rebound Is Difficult to See. How Should Taiwan’s Tourism Sector React to This?/The Chaos of Pandemic Insurance Is Not Over! Credit Card Travel Safety Insurance Will Be Reduced Next Year/High Fares, Rising Economic Worries Threaten to Impact Airline Industry Recovery/Sneakers, Tattoos, a Nose Ring… After the Pandemic, Not Only Are the Borders Unlocked, but Also the Flight Attendants’ Clothing and Grooming?/The “2021 Taiwan Digital Advertising Statistics Report” Was Released by the DMA. The Total Market Value Surpassed $50 Billion!/Keep Up With TWITTER! NFT Will Be On Instagram, and Collectibles Will Be Shared in All Forms in the Future!/TikTok Is Facebook’s Main Competitor, and the Interface and Algorithm Will Be More “TIKTOK-Like”/“Future of Influencer Marketing” Is TikTok Better Than Instagram? Four Big Data Indications Can Help You Select the Right Platform/Tigerair Taiwan Released TigerNFT/Entry Restrictions by Country

Cheese Report March 2022

Explore Chiayi from Alishan/Mandarin Airlines to Launch Kaohsiung-Kinmen Route, More Convenient to Travel Offshore Island From Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan/[Diagram] FamilyMart Obtained E-Payment License! How FamilyMart and PX Mart Turn Their Stores Into “Micro-Banks"?/ESG Has Become A New Trend: How to Develop Sustainable Strategies for Enterprises from the Perspective of Greenvines and E.SUN BANK/EVA Air Eliminates In-Flight Paper Publications! Big Moves to Overturn Passenger Habits, What Are the Benefits?/Industry Map Diagram] The “Fast Commerce Model" of Taiwan’s Physical Retail/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January 2022/Inbound Visitor Statistics for January 2022/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for January 2022/Trivago CFO: These Four Types of Travel May Lag in Recovery/Traveling Abroad Is Coming Soon? Aviation and Tourism Are Optimistic About “This Timing" to Reopen, Star-Rated Hotels and Travel Insurance Will Be More Popular/ESG Sustainable Vacation! Rescue Baby Turtles and Restore Corals/Analysis of Digital Advertising Strategy, Keys: Diversified Channels and Touching Content/Young People Are Abandoning Facebook, TikTok Will Surpass Instagram! What’s Next for the Five Social Platforms?/Instagram Not Popular Anymore? Young People Are on Xiaohongshu? Big Data Revealed the Key to Success/Amazing Influence on Sales! How to Make Good Use of Nano Influencers to Create a Win-Win Situation?/Kobayashi –ONE PIECE Co-Branded Eyewear

Cheese Report February 2022

Featured Report 1: Eat More, Work Less! Glamping Experience in Taiwan/Featured Report 2: Taiwan Hot Springs –Take A Warm Trip with Hot Springs/Research: The Scale of Social E-commerce Will Grow 200% in the Next Three Years/Customer Contribution Increased 170%! Marketing Expert: E-commerce Can Grow With Physical Stores/Super-Personalized Marketing Takes Shape, Merchants Will Know Consumers Better Than Themselves in the Future/Do You Live In the Real World or the Digital World? Market Survey Statistics: Each Person Spent 4.8 Hours a Day on Mobile Phone in 2021/Consumers Expect Low Carbon Emissions, However, Will It Impact Product Prices?/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-December 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for December 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for December 2021/Global Passport Powerful Rank 2022: Japan Top 1, Taiwan Top 32, China 64/Is It Just Luck to Be Alive?/Glamping Costs Over 10,000 a Night, but It’s Hard to Get a Single One! Why?/High-Quality Transportation, Professional and Excellence Construction/Podcast Listening Volume Increased by 200% Annually! 2021 Taiwan Sound Economy Report by SoundOn: “Wage Slave” Top 1 Favorite/TikTok Beats Google, Becoming the Global Traffic Champion of 2021/Analysts Pointed Out Key Indicators, YouTube Is Expected to Surpass Netflix as the “King of Streaming"/What Are the Marketing Trends in 2022? Insights and Analysis of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends/Cheong Kwan Jang –Social Media Campaign “The Moments!”



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