Cheese Report July 2020

Qing Dynasty Painting Finds Way onto McDonald’s Packaging in Tie-in with NPM/In Search of Indulgence: ‘Sophisticated Consumption’/Most Consumers Opting for Physical Stimulus Vouchers/Line Redesign Defies Worries of Client ‘Exodus’; No. of Accounts Rises 18%/iPhone 12 on the Way! But Uncertainty Looms Over When It Will Arrive/‘New Normals’ for Tourism, Exhibitions in Post-COVID-19 Era/Ministry of Health of Welfare, Facebook Team Up on Blood Donation Feature/Tourism Outbound Departure Statistics, January-June 2020/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for June 2020/Exclusive One-day Tour Offers New Way to Experience Taoyuan International Airport/ANA to Resume Flights to Songshan Airport on Aug. 3/China Airlines Adds Flights to New York in July, August Schedule/Cruises on the Way Back: Lion Travel, Dream Cruises Pitch ‘Island Hopping’ Cruises/Taiwanese Travelers Third Most Ready in Asia to Go on a Trip/Airbnb CEO Looks at Post-epidemic Era: ‘Travel Has Changed Forever’/Taipei Named Best Leisure Destination in Asia/Guam to Allow Taiwanese Visitors in without Requiring Quarantine/Taiwan on First List of Countries that Can Travel to Jordan/Japan Expands Easing of Entry Restrictions, Measure includes Taiwan/Why Podcasts Are Exploding in Taiwan: Six Trends and the Opportunities They Present/Three Opportunities for Brands to Prosper from Post-COVID Demand/Facebook Maintains Big Lead as World’s Most-used Social Platform/New Functions for LINE Groups: Inviting Friends with a Click and Improving Notifications/FB Messenger Rolls Out 16-person Screen Sharing Feature; Could Be Expanded to 50 Soon/Bixbee Backpacks: Elementary School Student Promotional Campaign

2020/07 啟示報告

清代古畫躍上麥當勞包裝!故宮精品再聯名、吃炸雞也可以這麼有氣質/溢價平庸的裝顯消費/三倍券如何領?揭露多數民眾偏好領實體券 /Line 大改版,甩「出走潮」一說!LINE官方帳號數成長18%/ Phone 12要來了!蘋果秋季發表會日期曝光/後疫情時代——觀光、展覽「新常態」/攜手衛福部,Facebook 在台推出「捐血情報站」功能/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2020 年 1-5月/主計處重要經濟指標 2020 年6月 (部分指標為 5 月數據)/桃機一日遊 深入你不知道的桃園機場/日本航線復航 全日空8月3日起飛羽田/華航7、8月航班表 增飛台北紐約/全球第一艘復航郵輪「探索夢號」,雄獅旅遊如何玩跳島又做好防疫?/出遊的心關不住 台灣旅客旅遊渴望度全球前三名/Airbnb 執行長看後疫情時代:旅行文化可能永久改變/台灣獲評最佳旅遊目的地 搶先布局後疫情商機/關島將台灣列入境免隔離名單/ 約旦首波開放入境納台灣 /日本再擬放寬入境限制 第二波名單包括台灣/年輕且收入高的人都愛它!為什麼Podcast突然爆紅,全球6大趨勢又透露出哪些商機?/ 揭秘後疫情需求 品牌振興3個突圍機會點/全球社交媒體用戶數排行榜,Facebook仍大幅領先微信/【LINE社群】新功能報到:一鍵邀請好友及改善訊息通知/FB Messenger推出16人「螢幕分享」新功能 臉書:幾週後可能開放50人一起看/希洛恩 兒童書包推廣