Cheese Report November 2021

Fun and Trending Agritourism and Farm Tours, Different From What You Think/【Diagram】A Picture of Taiwan's Top 10 Omnichannel E-Commerce! momo Strategizes On Logistics, While PChome Actively On Online Payment/【Interview】McDonald’s APP Has 6 Million Fans, Making the Biggest Change In the Past 7 Years to Reach the Two KPI Regardless of All Oppositions/Quintuple Stimulus Voucher Stimulates Consumption, E-Commerce Q4 2021: Preparing for Peak/KKday Launches "KKday Shop" to Assist Travel Suppliers in Branding and Digitalization! What Are the Functions?/“Squid Game” Reached Over 110 Million Views in A Month! What Is the Successful Secret Behind?/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-September 2021/Inbound Visitor Statistics for September 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for September 2021/The Ratio of Over 3-Day Domestic Travel Has Increased, And Travel Expenditure Per Person Has Grown Against the Tide/Tourism Bureau Weekly Draws 600,000 Lucky Winners for Domestic Travel Vouchers, With Bonus of Amusement Park and Taiwan Tour Bus/Is Taiwan Tourism Now Emphasizing Cost-Performance or Value-Performance?/Post-Epidemic Sightseeing Business Opportunities, Asian Island Hopping Cruise Alliance by Maritime Port Bureau and Offshore Islands/What Is the Trend of YouTube Marketing in 2021? Brand Visibility and Top of Mind Are Key Factors!/Still, Chasing Traffic? Four Major Trends in LINE Membership Management! Let Users Proactively Follow You/Abandon the IGTV Product Line! Instagram Announced the Merger of IGTV and Dynamic Post Videos/Gen Z: Short Video First! “TickTokalize” From Dating to Work?/Maritime Port Bureau –Promotion of Lighthouse Keepers Picture Book and Popular Science Videos

2021/11 啟示報告

農遊體驗潮好玩 和你想的不一樣/【圖解】momo拚物流、PChome積極做支付!台灣10大電商全通路佈局一張圖看懂/【專訪】麥當勞APP擁600萬麥粉,啟動7年來最大變革,為達哪「兩目標」被罵也要拚?/五倍券轉為助力,電商 Q4 旺季穩/KKday推「KKday商城」協助旅遊供應商做品牌、數位轉型!有什麼功能?/《魷魚遊戲》一個月內觀看數超1.1億!千億商機背後,Netflix劇集的爆紅密碼是什麼?/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 9 月/來臺旅客統計數據 2021 年 9 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 9 月 (部分指標為 2021 年8 月數據)/出不了國!三天以上國旅比率增 每人每次旅遊支出逆勢成長/國旅券每週抽出60萬份幸運兒 主題樂園及台灣觀巴加碼送/乘勢升級,台灣觀光講求CP值?還是VP值?/超前部署疫後觀光商機 航港局攜手離島縣市組亞洲跳島遊輪聯盟/2021 Youtube行銷趨勢方向為何?品牌能見度和心佔率是關鍵!/還在追著流量跑?LINE會員經營四大趨勢!讓用戶主動跟著你/捨棄 IGTV 產品線!Instagram 宣布將 IGTV 和動態貼文影片合併/Z世代短影音優先!從交友軟體到工作溝通,都能「抖音化」?/交通部航港局 燈塔守交通繪本宣傳活動與科普影片拍攝案