Cheese Report March 2022

Explore Chiayi from Alishan/Mandarin Airlines to Launch Kaohsiung-Kinmen Route, More Convenient to Travel Offshore Island From Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan/[Diagram] FamilyMart Obtained E-Payment License! How FamilyMart and PX Mart Turn Their Stores Into "Micro-Banks"?/ESG Has Become A New Trend: How to Develop Sustainable Strategies for Enterprises from the Perspective of Greenvines and E.SUN BANK/EVA Air Eliminates In-Flight Paper Publications! Big Moves to Overturn Passenger Habits, What Are the Benefits?/Industry Map Diagram] The "Fast Commerce Model" of Taiwan's Physical Retail/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January 2022/Inbound Visitor Statistics for January 2022/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for January 2022/Trivago CFO: These Four Types of Travel May Lag in Recovery/Traveling Abroad Is Coming Soon? Aviation and Tourism Are Optimistic About "This Timing" to Reopen, Star-Rated Hotels and Travel Insurance Will Be More Popular/ESG Sustainable Vacation! Rescue Baby Turtles and Restore Corals/Analysis of Digital Advertising Strategy, Keys: Diversified Channels and Touching Content/Young People Are Abandoning Facebook, TikTok Will Surpass Instagram! What's Next for the Five Social Platforms?/Instagram Not Popular Anymore? Young People Are on Xiaohongshu? Big Data Revealed the Key to Success/Amazing Influence on Sales! How to Make Good Use of Nano Influencers to Create a Win-Win Situation?/Kobayashi –ONE PIECE Co-Branded Eyewear

2022/03 啟示報告

從阿里山看嘉義區域觀光╱華信航空高雄-金門開航 北中高往返離島更便利╱【圖解】全家的電子支付取得執照!一文看全家、全聯如何把門市變「微銀行」╱ESG成時代新顯學:從綠藤生機、玉山銀行看企業如何發展永續策略╱長榮淘汰機上紙本刊物!大動作翻轉旅客習慣,看準哪些好處?╱【產業地圖圖解】台灣實體零售「快商務」產業地圖╱台灣出國目的地統計數據 2022 年 1 月╱來臺旅客統計數據 2022 年 1 月╱主計處重要經濟指標 2022 年 1 月(部分2021年12月)╱旅行業逐漸復甦 Trivago財務長:這4大旅行領域恐復甦滯後╱出國旅遊的腳步近了?航空、旅遊業齊看好「這時間點」解封:星級飯店和旅遊平安險會更吃香╱度假也能愛地球!救援小海龜、復育珊瑚,ESG永續旅遊這樣玩╱數位廣告投放策略剖析,渠道多元、內容有溫度是關鍵╱Facebook被年輕人放生,抖音將超越Instagram!5大社群巨頭下步怎麼走╱IG不紅了?網曝「年輕人都用小紅書」掀論戰 大數據揭爆紅關鍵╱帶貨力驚人!奈米網紅當道,如何善用 KOL 商機創造雙贏?╱小林眼鏡 航海王聯名款眼鏡