Cheese Report February 2021

Invite Codes, Opening Rooms? Why Clubhouse Has Become So Popular/Facebook-Apple War Intensifies, Zuckerberg Tells Staff to ‘Inflict Pain’ on Apple/Canada Follows Australia, Vows to Make Facebook Pay for News/New 2021 Trend: A Digital Ad World without Cookies/As Bitcoin Soars, Here’s a Dog-related Coin You Should Know About/Middle-aged Taiwanese Men Have Highest Stress Index in Asia: Wearable Device Data/The Appeal of ‘Lucky Bags’: Why Convenience Stores Are Jumping into the Fray/The 4 Microtrends Hiding Big Opportunities in 2021/Korea Fever on the Decline Overseas as In-person Events Affected by COVID-19/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for January 2021/How Tourism Sector Needs to Redefine Itself in the Post-pandemic World/High Volume Tourism Posing Challenge to Travel Quality in Taiwan/Seeing No Loosening of Travel Restrictions, Airlines Selling Everything but Tickets/Eight Hotels in Taiwan Named 2021 Forbes Travel Guide Star Award Winners/Ad Trends to Watch in 2021/Four Ways Brands, e-Commerce Vendors Can Take on New iOS 14 Privacy Policy/Survey of Social Platforms, Influencers Shows Dark Horse Media Soaring/Twitter, Facebook Want In! What’s the Next Step for Clubhouse-like Voice-based Social Media?/LINE Offers New ‘Create OpenChat’ Function/Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center – Digital Promotion/Chunghwa Post ibox Image Campaign

2021/02 啟示報告

邀請碼、開房間?爆紅的語音社群Clubhouse 究竟是何方神聖?/Facebook 大戰蘋果,祖克柏告訴員工:「要讓蘋果感受痛苦」/無懼Facebook「刪好友」!加拿大跟進澳洲,誓言推動內容付費法/2021趨勢新方向:迎接沒有Cookie的數位廣告世界/比特幣天天創新高 另個不可錯過的狗狗幣報你知/穿戴裝置數據顯示:台灣中年男性壓力指數全亞洲最高/解析福袋背後的消費心理!為何全家、7-11、全聯、萊爾富都搶推福袋?/2021年你不能忽視的 4 個「微趨勢」,隱含龐大商機/疫情影響實體活動 海外粉絲對韓流關心度下降/台灣出國目的地統計數據 2021 年 1 月/主計處重要經濟指標 2021 年 1 月 (部分指標為 2020 年12 月數據)/觀光業必會再起 經濟學人:疫後旅遊如何改變?/掠奪式旅遊 考驗國旅品質/航空業盼不到國門鬆綁 什麼都賣只有機票賣不動/富比士旅遊指南評鑑 全台8家飯店上榜/2021年值得關注的廣告趨勢/iOS 14 隱私權政策「反廣告追蹤」該怎麼辦?品牌電商賣家必做的 4 件因應措施/黑馬媒體竄升!社群平台x網紅年度調查 政客超愛FB/連臉書、推特都想分杯羹!Clubhouse適合抖內或訂閱制嗎,聲音社交下一步是什麼?/LINE 社群全面釋出「建立社群」功能/財團法人器官捐贈移植登錄中心_數位推廣/中華郵政_ibox i郵箱形象推廣