Cheese Report June 2021

Post-Pandemic Art: Outdoor Performances as Innovative Travel Destinations/A First in Physical Arts, Sotheby’s Accepts Cryptocurrency for Banksy’s Work/Following Microsoft and Apple, Google Opens Its First Retail Store This Summer in New York/Four Phenomena Emerge as the US Survives the COVID-19 Black Swan/Gucci, Patagonia, and Timberland Are into Farming! What Is the Connection Here?/Netflix Recruits Executives to Expand into the Gaming Market/Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for April 2021/DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for April 2021/As the Pandemic Goes to Level 3, the Tourism Bureau Oversees Prevention Measures for National Scenic Areas, Visitor Centers, and Tourist Attractions; Large Events To Be Canceled or Postponed/Subsidies and Emergency Relief for Tourism Industry/Show Your Stay-at-Home Photos and Get Rewards from Travel Businesses/The Crisis of “Zero Reservations” Pushes Hotels to Become Family-Friendly/Taiwan Celebrities and YouTubers Test Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms/i-Buzz VOC+ Industry Word of Mouth Database: Netflix Dominates; LineTV, KKTV, and Vidol Can Respond with Content Differentiation/Omni-Channel Marketing for the Touch-Screen Generation: The Surge of Apps/Want to Keep Facebook Free of Charge? The Company Asks for User Permission to Track Data/The British Council’s Official IELTS Examination Center in Taiwan—IELTS Promotes Facebook Chatbot Program

2021/06 啟示報告

疫後「藝」起來 山水實景秀創新國旅玩法/實體藝術界創舉!蘇富比拍賣Banksy名作接受加密貨幣付款/走微軟、蘋果老路?Google首家實體門市預計今夏於紐約開幕/艱難熬過黑天鵝,美國後疫情時代有這4大現象!/Gucci、Patagonia、Timberland 都迷上種田!農業跟時尚產業有什麼關係?/Netflix招募遊戲領域主管,計畫擴展遊戲市場佈局/台灣出國目的地統計數據2021年4月(待補)/主計處重要經濟指標2021年4月 (部分指標為2021年3月數據) /因應全國疫情警戒升至三級 觀光局公布轄管國家風景區、旅客服務中心、觀光遊樂業防疫措施及大型群聚活動取消延期資訊/補助旅遊業 還有救急銀彈/秀出在家宅照 旅遊業者送回饋金/疫情下「0住房」危機!飯店超前部署轉型「親子旅館」/邀約台灣藝人、YouTuber 測試「現場廣播包廂」,Facebook 如何發展語音社群?/i-Buzz VOC+產業口碑數據庫Netflix獨大 LineTV、KKTV、Vidol可以「內容差異化」迎戰/滑世代的全通路行銷:APP的崛起/想要 Facebook 繼續免費嗎?官方要求用戶允許追蹤數據/英國文化協會 台灣IELTS雅思官方考試中心 「IELTS雅思考試推廣 Facebook Chatbot活動」