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Market Watch

Gen Z Consumers Have Arrived and Will Love You for Personalized Branding!

As a marketer, are you often concerned about communicating with Generation Z? What do young people have in mind? How do brands get close to them and invade their hearts and woo their love? Generation Z spends nearly 10 hours a day on the Internet. They want to see the point of a product or event quickly and clearly. They dislike overly commercialized content. Over 77% detest seeing advertisements that are irrelevant to them.

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Source: Brain
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New Technology and Media in the Era of New Digital Trade

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, digital transformation has become a top priority for Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises as they try to invest the least amount of resources to obtain the greatest profit in export. What is the new digital trade? In addition to e-commerce, online trade shows are also a type of new digital trade.

Image: China Times

Source: China Times
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What “Seqalu” Tells Us About Localized Business Management

The epic drama “Seqalu” on Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS) is trending. Have you been following it? Facebook and other social media have been inundated with discussions about the show, reflecting the public’s interest in Taiwanese history and culture.

Image: PTS

Source:United Daily News (Economy News)
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Shopee Is Launching a Short Video App to Compete with TikTok

PingWest has learned that the e-commerce business Shopee (under Sea Group) will be launching a short video app to compete directly with ByteDance’s TikTok. This short video project will be given high priority and ample budget. The new team will include several people who worked at ByteDance before it went global.

Image: Tech News

Source: Tech News
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Unfazed by the Pandemic, E-Commerce Flourishes in Q4

Digital quintuple stimulus vouchers will be available for linking on the morning of the 22nd. Unlike the triple vouchers that excluded e-commerce in 2020, this year’s program will help revitalize the performance of small businesses by setting up a special e-commerce area such that the quintuple vouchers can be used for everything purchased on an e-commerce site. The Primary Institutional Investors estimates that the quintuple vouchers will drive a substantial increase in Taiwan’s online consumption in the fourth quarter.

Source: Yahoo
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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for August 2021

Image: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. Taiwanese went abroad 39,423 times in August 2021, up 4.33 %from the 37,786 outbound trips taken in the same month in 2020.
  2. The top destination for outbound travelers in August 2021 was the United States, followed by Mainland China, Canada, Singapore, and South Korea, in that order. COVID-19 continues to impact travel. The destination with the largest year-on-year growth was Singapore, at 451.76%.

Inbound Visitor Statistics for August 2021

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Image: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. In August 2021, Taiwan had 7,960 inbound visitors, down 57.06% from the same month last year (2020).

Source: Monthly Report, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for August 2021

Image: Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS)

Image: DGBAS

  1. In August 2021, 11,399,000 people were employed, and 505,000 were unemployed. The nominal unemployment rate for the month was 4.24% and 4.08% after seasonal adjustment. The labor participation rate was 58.98%.
  2. In July 2021, the average regular salary of all was NT$42,923, an increase of 0.74% compared with last month and a 1.28% increase compared with the same month last year.

Source: DGBAS Leading Indicators

Expand the Quintuple Voucher by Selecting the Domestic Travel Voucher

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation held a press conference on September 17 to promote the “Domestic Travel Voucher.” The Bureau encourages voucher users to enter the drawing of the domestic travel extra-bonus voucher when they pre-order or link their digital quintuple vouchers. The domestic travel vouchers can be redeemed when purchasing products in contracted travel, lodging, tourism/recreational, and certified hot spring businesses.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Communications and Transportation

“Seven-City Bike Ride” to Revitalize Tourism with Great Food and Big Prizes

Seven county and city governments in central Taiwan gathered in Nantou County City Hall on September 15 to report on the results of the Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform. Together, they proposed a joint marketing plan for central Taiwan tourism activities by holding the “Seven-City Bike Ride Joint Marketing Campaign.” The event aims to revitalize the tourism industry by connecting 20 iconic cycling routes and scenic spots across the seven counties and cities.

Source: China Times
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Cruise Lines Apply to Resume Sailing as the Pandemic Eases

As there have been several recent daily reports of zero domestic cases of COVID-19 infections, the domestic demand for the tourism market is showing some positive signs, especially now that the quintuple stimulus vouchers have been released. In the last few days, some cruise lines have submitted to the corresponding agencies their proposals for resuming sailing. These proposals will be transferred to the Central Epidemic Command Center to be reviewed for approval.

Source: United Daily News (Economy News)
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Image: shutterstock.com

Travel Expo Starts on Oct. 1; Dining and Accommodations as Much as 85% Off

The “2021 Taipei Summer and Fall Travel Expo” will be held from October 1 to 4 at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1. This is the first expo since the mini-lifting of anti-epidemic restrictions. A total of 13 counties and cities, nearly 200 vendors, and 450 booths will be participating in this huge event. The participating units will be offering specials such as early-bird discounts (before the Lunar New Year), pre-paid programs using the quintuple stimulus vouchers, popular five-star accommodation vouchers, and SPA vouchers, and all kinds of benefits for the consumer to use after the pandemic eases.

Source: 7to Travel
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Media News

Top Three Types of Posts Identified in Facebook’s “Widely Viewed Content Report”

First, the content in the users’ news feed is mostly related to the user’s family and friends: 57% of the posts are from their friends’ posts, interests, or people that the users already follow. Second, the posts from groups that the users are connected to make up for 19.3%. Third, content from pages that the users follow accounts for only 14.3%, indicating that the reach of followed pages has fallen sharply in the past two years.

Image: Facebook

Source: Liberty Times Net
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IG Micro-Influencers: Taiwan Has the Highest Interaction Rate Globally; Nano-Influencers Under 10,000 Turn the Marketing Funnel Up-Side-Down

Influenxio, a micro-influencer matchmaking platform, published the “Instagram Influencer Marketing Report” for the first half of 2021 as a reference for brand marketing.

Instagram (IG) has become a new favorite tool for nurturing brand loyalists. According to Squarelovin, IG had 95 million daily posts and 500 million IG stories last year. Each user spent an average of 53 minutes on IG daily. The users were mainly in the age group of 18-34. About 76% of global merchants use IG for marketing.

Image: shutterstock

Source: INSIDE
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What is CTV? How Is It Different from OTT? Market and Ad Trends of Smart/Connected TV

For the past two years, the consumption of digital audio and video content has increased significantly as a result of the pandemic, and the traffic of audio and video streaming platforms (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) continues to grow, becoming a new hot spot for advertiser investment. In 2020, global investment in CTV advertising reached a historical high. On average, each advertiser spent 22% more of their budget on CTV than in the same period in 2019. In 2021, 35% of advertisers indicated that they will allocate more budget for CTV advertising.

Image: Author

Source: Marketers
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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics DMP Survey Report: Decoding Online Consumer Profiles

After the Olympics wrapped up smoothly, the professional data team analyzed Hami Video’s online viewers. The profiles of these online viewers indicate a similar gender ratio, meaning that major international sports events are no longer dominated by male viewers. Advertisers can thus increase the proportion of the female audience when advertising in the future. The age of the audience ranged between 25 and 64. Both young and old were following national events closely and were enthusiastic about the Olympics.

As digitization has become prevalent, the proportions of mobile phones and PCs are similar in terms of the device used to watch the games. The viewers follow the Olympics during work, lunch breaks, leisure time, or commute hours.

Image: Click Force

Source: Click Force
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Case Study

Advertising Campaign of Taipei Medical University’s
Office of Continuing and Extension Education

Advertising Objectives
1. Focus on the media campaign of Taipei Medical University’s Office of Continuing and Extension Education (TMU OCEE).
2. Increase the public’s awareness and favorability of TMU OCEE
3. Enhance consumers’ knowledge about and engagement with TMU OCEE.

This round of media advertising and purchasing not only promote the brand image of TMU OCEE but also allows consumers to learn about the medical specializations of TMU that separate it from other extension education organizations. This advertising campaign includes a dynamic webpage that integrates the featured courses to introduce more people to the professionalism of TMU so that if they ever seek further education in day-to-day healthcare, TMU OCEE will be the first option that comes to their mind.

Bus Advertisement:
The bus advertisement uses a simple visual style to present the concept of “Number 1.” The creative concept of “Number 1” is presented with images of students from all walks of life who choose TMU as their top choice for extension education. The text “Taipei Medical University, Office of Continuing and Extension Education, Number 1 Brand in Biomedical Training” conveys the focal message.

Website visual creative concept:
The website uses three rotating visuals that symbolize TMU’s message of being “Number 1” in biomedical training. Relevant keywords are embedded in the images, such as herbal medicine, aesthetic medicine, stem cells, health and fitness, modern medicine, etc.

Digital Advertisement:
The focus is on keyword management and Facebook ads.

The design of brochures for TMU OCEE:
Several layout designs are provided to TMU OCEE.



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