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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for July 2022

  1. 102,395 Taiwanese went abroad in July 2022, increasing 177.11% from the same period of 2021 when 36,951 people went abroad.
  2. The top destination for outbound travellers in July 2022 was America, followed by Vietnam, China, Singapore and Thailand. Vietnam has the highest outbound travel destination rate, rising 2115.43 % from the same period of 2021.

Taiwan Inbound Visitor Statistics for July 2022

In July 2022, Taiwan had 49,991 inbound visitors, increasing 812.24% from the same month of 2021.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for July 2022

  1. There were 11.39 million people employed and 448,000 unemployed in July, resulting in an unemployment rate of 3.78%, which was 3.68% after seasonal adjustments. The labor participation rate was 59.28%.
  2. In June 2022, the average regular wage for employed workers was NT$44,324, which had 0.21% decreasing month-over-month and 4.03% growth year-over-year.

Source: DGBAS Latest Indicators
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Boeing: The Earliest Timing for the Full Recovery

of Global Airline Market Marks 2 Years Later

The American aerospace company, Boeing Company (BA-US), pointed out in the online press conference on 22nd Aug that the demand and supply in airline market currently have been growing synchronously. Some of the areas even reach to the convey capacity before the pandemic. However due to different timelines of border opening in each country, the full recovery of global airline market predicted will be 2024 to 2025.


Source: Anue
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Aim for Unblocking Boarders!

China Airlines Introduces “LINE Pay” for Ticket Booking

with Points Redemption Service

With over 10 millions users of LINE Pay, China Airlines continues to expand mobile payment options. Outbound departure routes from Taiwan and eMail shopping can be purchased by LINE Pay now. Once passengers link their credit card, debit card or iPASS MONEY account (including VISA, Master Card and JCB issued by any Taiwanese Bank) to LINE Pay account, it will be much easier to make payments without typing in all information every time. The LIND Pay service includes flight booking, date changing, seat selecting and overweight baggage fee, as well as the China Airlines eMail shopping.

Image / China Airlines

Source: TVBS
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Tourism Industry Looks Forward to the Upsurge

of Cross-Border Travel While 35% of People

are Optimistic for Borders Unblocking in October

As every country opens up borders gradually, tourism industry looks forward to the upsurge of cross-border travel. According to the travel industry statistics, 35% of people are optimistic for borders unblocking in October with no quarantine needed upon entry; 32% of people even believe the re-opening will be in September.

Image / TVBS

Source: TVBS
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Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal

Will Welcome Cruise Lines as their Homeport in October

Ministry of Transportation and Communications funds 4.5 billions for the newly erected Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal which will be ready for the post-pandemic cruise market and putting up fresh looks onto the facade of oceanic country in the south. Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal will not only hugely increase the efficiency in customs but can also fulfil passengers’ needs with ‘Profond’ duty free shop service. The aims of Kaohsiung Port Cruise Terminal are actively introduce international cruise lines to the terminal and be their homeport.

Image / Taiwan International Ports Corporation

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Further Loosening for Border Restrictions:

Cancellation of PCR Test Requirement

Executive Yuan hosted the pandemic prevention conference on 15th August with the Premier Su, Tseng-Chang stated since the decrease of global pandemic and domestic cases, there has been some changes for the border restriction regulation from last month. The 48 hour PCR test report is cancelled for all passengers traveling to Taiwan.

Image /

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Media News

Netflix is Also Placing This Campaign!

Why Does ‘OOH (Out-Of-Home)’ Advertisement

Become the Constantly Growing Legacy Media in Digital Era?

In the past 3 years, customer shopping habits have changed due to the immensely growing of streaming service and ongoing inflation. Moreover, it has been very competitive in the streaming service industry. In Forbes report, the decline of pandemic has encouraged people to spend more time outdoor. Hence, this summer, many streaming service media choose OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertisement to promote their service whilst customers value their privacy more. With its decades of history, what will be the benefit and advantage of OOH when it works with technology?

Image / Future Commerce

Source: Future Commerce
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Irritating Full Screen Advertisement?

Google’s New Policy Will Fully Shut It Down

According to the Developer Program Policy announced by Google, 2 kinds of advertisements will not be shown in the apps launched by Google Play. Full screen interstitial advertisement of all formats (video, GIF, static, etc.) are not allowed during game play at the beginning or in certain segment. Secondly, full screen interstitial advertisement that is not closeable after 15 seconds is not allowed as well. Therefore, the advertisement can not be extended.

Image / TVBS

Source: TVBS
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Facebook Live Shopping Will Be Going Away

as the Focus is Shifted to Reels

Facebook announced they will turn off Live Shopping and shift their focus on Reels. Users will no longer be able to host any new or scheduled Live Shopping events on Facebook. People can still use Facebook Live to broadcast live events, but will not be able to creat product lists or tag products in the Facebook Live videos.

Image / Inside

Source: Inside
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40% of Gen Z is Using TikTok to Make Searches

for Finding Restaurants and Information!

How Should the Former Great Search Engine Grapple with TikTok?

From the latest research, about 40% of Gen Z use TikTok and Instagram over Google to look up food places. It shows the impact of TikTok is not only on social media but also on search engine.

Image / Business Next

Source: Business Next
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Case Studies

Philippine Department of Tourism:

Filipino Food & Drinks Trucks Pop-up Event

Must Know for International Travel

Entry Restrictions by Country

*The information provided above is only for reference. Please refer to each country’s most recent announcement for detailed specifications.


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