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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for February 2023

  1. 652,943 Taiwanese went abroad in February 2023, increasing 999,93% from the same period of 2022 when 59,362 people went abroad.
  2. The top destination for outbound travellers in February 2023 was Japan, followed by China, Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand. Japan has the highest outbound travel destination rate, rising 16,795.31 % from the same period of 2022.

Taiwan Inbound Visitor Statistics for February 2023


In February 2023, Taiwan had 369,098 inbound visitors, increasing 3093.99% from the same month of 2022.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for February 2023

  1. There were 11.48 million people employed and 420,000 unemployed in February, resulting in an unemployment rate of 3.53%, which was 3.58% after seasonal adjustments. The labor participation rate was 59.18%.
  2. In January 2023, the average regular wage for employed workers was NT$45,376, which had 0.97% increasing month-over-month and 2.30% growth year-over-year. The average monthly earnings, including bonuses, overtime pay, and other irregular income, were NT$62,360. The overall wage was NT$107,736, which had 1.52% growth year-over-year.

Source: DGBAS Latest Indicators
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Luxury Cruise Ponant is Arriving! The First Cruise Based in Keelung Port as Its Homeport After the Pandemic Will be Taking Taiwanese Travellers for Island Hopping in Japan

The luxury cruise Ponant Le Soleal finally docked at Keelung Port which will serve as the homeport for Le Soleal. Cruised into Keelung port at 7 am 24th March, the Ponant Le Soleal will be taking travellers for a 11-day splendour holiday from island exploration in Okinawa to cherry blossom viewing in Osaka. Mr. Chen, the Ponant cruise company agency manager in Taiwan, mentioned apart from the luxury service on the cruise, there will be 4 cruise lines for Taiwanese travellers from next March as Keelung Port will be the homeport for Ponant Le Soleal.


Source: ETtoday
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The Number for Southeast Asia Travelling is Soaring: “Three-Generation Travel” Becomes More Popular Than Ever in the Dragon Boat Festival Public Holiday and Summer

The number for Southeast Asia travelling is dramatically increasing. Many Taiwanese have been starting to organise the overseas travelling in the coming Dragon Boat Festival public holiday and summer. Club Med, the leading brand for full-package holiday, says according to the number of room reservation, there is a 1.5 growth compares to pre-pandemic (2019) for Southeast Asia such Bali and Bintan island in Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand. Especially for Phuket holiday, the highest growth reaches 4 times while 80% of family customers are three-generation.

Image/Cloud Med

Source: Economic Daily News
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The Direct Flight Waypoint Between Taiwan and China Resumed on 26 March with Expectations for Tourism from the Industry and Airline Companies

10 direct flight waypoints between Taiwan and China are resumed from 26th March. Starting from Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, there will be 10 to 20 flight each week depending on different waypoints. Airline companies are glad to see the boost and hoping to have the restriction for Chinese tourist lifted.

Image/Central News Agency

Source: Central News Agency
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Tigerair Taiwan is Flying Directly to Phuket: the Collaboration with Startravel for the Blue Ocean Market

Tigerair Taiwan (6757) made the announcement on 10th March for the Taoyuan-Phuket direct flight which will be started to operate on 10th May 2023. This airline company will become the first national carrier flying to Phuket after the pandemic. As the air passenger transport market is expending and the flight demand is increasing, there will be no need to transfer from Taiwan to Phuket. Tigerair Taiwan will operate 2 return flights every week between Taoyuan and Phuket, which will save 7 hours for transfer.


Source: BCC
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Convenience Store is Stepping into the Tourism Market with Services for Overseas Internet and Airport Shuttle Appointment

3 of the biggest convenience store companies are stepping into the tourism market! Optimistic about the number of overseas travellers, especially with the 5-day Dragon Boat Festival public holiday coming, President Chain Store Corporation (2912) is aiming both domestic and international travel market. The eSIM card, which provides overseas internet service, is now able to be applied on the 24/7 ibon machines. FamilyMart (5903) not only promotes reservation of international SIM card, it also provides appointment service for airport shuttle.


Source: UDN
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Media News

Taiwanese Spend 7 Hours on the Internet Everyday. Apart from LINE, Facebook and Netflix, Here are the 9 Charts for Other Favourites

The global socially-led creative agency, We Are Social, launches the detailed report every year for the world’s digital behaviours providing comprehensive analysis and statistics. The latest “Digital 2023:TAIWAN” has been released on 13th February, here are the 8 insights:
一、7 hours of daily time spent using the internet across all devices! With 55% of mobiles’s share of total daily internet time. The experience of mobile device usage is the key point.
二、The main reason for using the internet is “Finding information” while “Managing finances and savings” increases distinctly.
三、Video content is extremely popular! OTT ads are leading the way. Stable growth for the number of podcast listener.
四、Top websites are Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Image/Business Next

Source: Business Next
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Meta Adds 4 New Features for Facebook Reels: Easier Ways to Show Creativity

Short videos are now the mainstream on social media. It’s playful with simple and easier ways for creators to compose music and video. Apart from Instagram Meta launched Facebook Reels last year in Taiwan. Within 6 months, there has been more functions introduced. Meta has announced 4 new updates for Facebook Reels, including an expanded length limit from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

Image/ Meta

Source: UDN
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Improving the Viewer Experience: “Overlay Ads” Ad Format Will No Longer Appear on YouTube from April

According to the announcement on YouTube Help, starting from 6th April 2023, the “Overlay ads” ad format will no longer appear on YouTube to help improve the viewer experience and shift engagement to higher performing ad formats on desktop and mobile devices.


Source: TechNews
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Dentsu Reveals its 2023 Media Trends

Economic uncertainty always brings out creativity in business and media. The need for cost saving and efficiency is also a driver of change, including the rise of ad-funded streaming – commerce sites looking to monetise further through ad sales – and a greater need to measure the attention consumers pay to advertising. This year’s Media Trends report (2023) looks at big themes – Content, Commerce and Community – and highlights how the landscape is changing. For example: Attention brings back the essence of advertising, The rise of the super Apps, and Social algorithms give users what they don’t know they want.

Image/Liberty Times

Source: Liberty Times
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OTOP 2022 Marketing Competition for Fictionalising Unique Local Industry

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