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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for August 2022

  1. Taiwanese went abroad 128,811 times in August 2022, up 226.74%from the 39,423 outbound trips taken in the same month in 2021.
  2. The top destination for outbound travelers in August 2022 was the United States, followed by Mainland China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan, in that order. COVID-19 continues to impact travel. The destination with the largest year-on-year growth was Vietnam, at 3913.82%.

Inbound Visitor Statistics for August 2022

In August 2022, Taiwan had 69,299 inbound visitors, up 770.59% from the same month last year (2021).

Source: Monthly Report, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for August 2022

  1. In August 2022, 11,402,000 people were employed, and 449,000 were unemployed. The nominal unemployment rate for the month was 3.79% and 3.67% after seasonal adjustment. The labor participation rate was 59.29%.
  2. In July 2022, the average regular salary of all employees (including domestic, foreign, full-time, and part-time workers) was NT$44,413, an increase of 0.18% compared with last month and a 3.52% increase compared with the same month last year.

Source: DGBAS Leading Indicators
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Ministry of Health and Welfare:

The “0+7” Arrival Policy Is Confirmed for 10/13!

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that border control is adjusted starting 9/29 to increase the weekly cap of arrivals and visa exemption policies are now restored. On-arrival PCR testing has been eliminated. Instead, four rapid test kits will be given to the arriving travelers. The arrivals will be required to be quarantined for the first three days, followed by four days of self-initiated epidemic prevention period, all of which to be spent in an epidemic prevention location (one person per room). A rapid test must be performed on the day of arrival and the third day.

Additionally, the second stage of border control measures will be implemented on 10/13, allowing arriving travelers to observe a self-initiated epidemic prevention period of seven days and no at-home quarantine. The same number of rapid test kits will be issued to the arrivals. A rapid test should be performed on the day of arrival or the first day of the self-initiated epidemic prevention period, and any time symptoms appear. If it is necessary to leave the home during the seven-day period, a negative test is required within 2 days. The border will open in stages after three years of rigorous pandemic control, and the lives of Taiwanese people will turn back to normal.  

Image / Mirror Media

Source: Mirror Media
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Two Major Airlines Are Adding Flights to Japan

The Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association announced that starting today (9/14), Taiwanese travelers to Japan may apply for a digital visa. It is speculated that additional regulations will be relaxed in October. Taiwan’s airlines respond quickly to grab a piece of the market. China Airlines (2610) and Eva Air will increase their southeast Asia flights by roughly 30%. STARLUX Airlines will start flying to Okinawa and Sapporo on 10/28, whereas Tigerair Taiwan will strengthen its charter services and business.

Image / Economy News

Source: United Daily News (Economy News)
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Keelung Harbor Forecasts a Recovery Rate of 40% Next Year with 127 Cruises;

Princess Cruises Expects to Sail 45 Times

Li Xianyi, Chairman of the Taiwan Port Company, says that the cruise business is expected to resume next spring. Next year, cruise ships including the Princess Cruises have forecasted 127 cruise voyages at Keelung Harbor, with 43 home port voyages and 84 port of call voyages. This means a recovery rate of about 40%. Gao Chuankai, Branch General Manager of the Keelung Harbor, said that the launching of cruises will depend on the policy of the CDC. A full opening of the harbor is estimated to bring an output value of NT$4.5 billion.

Image / ET today

Source: ET today
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Time to Travel Abroad! Japan, Korea, and Thailand Top the List of Taiwanese Travelers’ Dream Destinations

The overseas travel market has been on pause for nearly three years, and now the pandemic prevention restrictions are about to be fully lifted. For the upcoming “0+7” policy and lifting of the group travel ban, AsiaYo, an Asian hotel booking website, surveyed the Asian countries that Taiwanese tourists most want to visit in the post-pandemic era (defined as after the implementation of the 0+7 returning policy). The top three destinations are Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, in that order.

Image /AsiaYo

Source: United Daily News
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Top Travel Agency Lion Travel Responds to the Group Travel Ban Being Lifted

The group travel ban will be lifted as early as October 13. Lion Travel says that all outbound group travel packages are ready to launch. The agency has begun to actively prepare outbound tourism staffing, take stock of relevant resources, and prepare for the day when outbound tourism starts. Chao-Kang Cheng, CEO of AsiaYo, estimates that in the initial stage of opening up, independent travels will replace traditional large-group tours, and B&Bs will be a top choice for safety-minded travelers, as these are unlike traditional hotels that host a large number of tourists at once, rather, they reduce epidemic risks by distributing the travelers across multiple locations.  

Image / China Times database

Source: China Times
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Media News

Are You Keeping Up?

Nearly 70% of Marketers Invested in Short-Form Video Marketing in 2022

Social media has become an indispensable part of brand marketing. With the rise of increasingly diverse social media content and the increasing popularity of video content, the marketing format has also been changing. What has changed in 2022 in the social platforms favored by companies and marketers? Which content formats will dominate the social marketing battleground?

Image / Shutterstock

Source: INSIDE/i-Buzz Research
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LINE, Twitch, and Nintendo Have Discontinued Facebook Login!

What Is Behind the Social Media Giant’s Decline?

More apps and websites are discontinuing the “Login with Facebook" feature. For example, LINE, a communication software commonly used by Taiwanese people, stopped using Facebook Login in 2020. Major foreign websites such as Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch, sports brand Nike, car manufacturer Ford, and other websites have also removed this function. This is obviously very different from a few years ago when Facebook was always a login option, alongside Google, Twitter, and LINE.

Image / Business Next

Source: Business Next
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Programmatic Buying Research Insight Report of 2022

Last year, the digital advertising market has been challenged by COVID-19 and the cookie-less initiative. This year, the inflation problem caused by geopolitical and supply chain problems and the impact of economic uncertainty have added to the uncertainty of the digital advertising market’s development as a whole. Fortunately, in the process of leaving behind the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brands and enterprises have shown incredible resilience and adaptability. This is directly reflected in the annual growth rate of digital advertising in 2021, which hit a record high and continues to grow steadily and strongly. Jenny Chang (Yahoo Senior Manager, Global Consumer Analytics, Research and Insights) delivered the 2022 Programmatic Buying Research Insights Report at the 2022 DSP SUMMIT. In July this year, Yahoo interviewed more than 300 Taiwanese advertisers, agencies, and optimizers through online questionnaires to complete the 2022 Programmatic Buying Survey and found four important trends in programmatic buying in Taiwan. This is the third year of Yahoo investing in conducting programmatic buying surveys to analyze the market trends comprehensively for Taiwan’s advertisers and agencies.

Image / Yahoo News

Source: Yahoo News
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Using IG Reels: Three Tips for Going Viral with Instagram for Brand Marketing

Previously, Meta has noted that users spend more than half of their Facebook usage time watching videos. NBA teams using Reels actively and successfully have reported 22% higher community participation with Reels than traditional videos. Other well-known brands like NIKE and LV have also reported the same trend. In addition, Meta is also actively promoting Reels-related content, such as adding interactive stickers and sharing videos in Reels format for up to15 minutes. Reels has become a new key to bringing traffic to Instagram business accounts and a powerful tool for brand marketing. However, for most brands, short-form videos are a new tool for spreading marketing content. How does one grab the audience’s attention in just 15 to 30 seconds? What types of messages is Reels suitable for? These are all new topics to be learned.

Image / Future Commerce

Source: Future Commerce
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Case Studies

China Airlines—A Trip to Bali for 100% Relaxation

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