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Market Watch

Global Survey Indicates 1/3 of People Will Shop Online by 2025

The pandemic has changed people’s day-to-day lives. A survey by the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson estimates that by 2025, consumers will increase their weekly online time by 10 hours on average and more than 1/3 of consumers believe that they will shop mainly online for household items even after the pandemic.

Image: Shutterstock

Source: United Daily News (Economy News)
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Five Most Sought-After Post-Pandemic Travel Destinations in Taiwan

COVID-19 has made the summer of 2021 especially unusual for all people in Taiwan. Under Level 3 Epidemic Alert, most people have spent weeks in their homes working and attending classes remotely during the day, and watching TV and looking at their phones at night. When there is a potential lockdown lift, do you think about the first things you will do after the pandemic subsides?

Image: The Storm Media

Source: The Storm Media
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Scan the EU “Digital COVID Certificate” on the Phone to Get Through Customs in 27 Countries

The world has been under lockdown for a year and a half, and people are looking forward to returning to normal life, to the good times when one could book flights to places around the world at any time, like having breakfast in Lagos before leaving for a Greece vacation. For individuals who need proof of being coronavirus-negative, having recovered from COVID-19, or having received the vaccination, the EU will activate the “Digital COVID Certificate” starting July 1 to allow passengers to scan their mobile phones to get through customs.

Image: Tech News

Source: Tech News
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What New Online Stores Are Being Opened? Rakuten Reports the Trends

Everyone’s life and consumption habits have been affected by COVID-19 to a certain extent in the past year, such as reducing outings, increasing online shopping, or switching to delivery services. In addition, this year’s outbreak in Taiwan has prompted many companies to accelerate their pace of digitization. According to Rakuten market data, the number of new stores in the first quarter of this year increased by about 10% compared with the same period last year. Among all new stores, “food and delicacies” was the largest category, accounting for 42.9%, followed by “home décor and household items” (16.6%) and “beauty and health care” (14.8%).

Image: China Times

Source: China Times
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How Do Marketers Target Stay-at-Home Consumers? 3 Afflictions and 2 Opportunities

As COVID-19 worsens and disrupts consumers’ usual social and group behaviors, many companies have allowed working from home or rotation systems to reduce the risk of infection. When the rhythm of life is disrupted and people work and live at home for a long time, how will their overall consumer behaviors change?

Image: Eastern Online

Source: Manager Today
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Tourism Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics for June 2021

Image: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Image: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. Taiwanese went abroad 37,120 times in June 2021, up 103.41%from the 37,120 outbound trips taken in the same month in 2020.
  2. The top destination for outbound travelers in June 2021 was the United States, followed by Mainland China, Japan, Canada, and South Korea, in that order. COVID-19 continues to impact travel. The destination with the largest year-on-year growth was the United States, at 527.60%.

Inbound Visitor Statistics for June 2021

Image: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

In June 2021, Taiwan had 2,779 inbound visitors, down 62.9% from the same month last year (2020).

Source: Monthly Report, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for June 2021

Image : Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS)

Image : DGBAS

  1. In May 2021, the average regular salary of all workers (including domestic and foreign full-time and part-time employees) was NT$42,863, a decrease of 0.75% compared with last month but a 1.83% increase compared with the same month last year. The average total salary was NT$51,957, an increase of 5.27%.
  2. In May 2021, 11,398,000 people were employed, and 489,000 were unemployed. The nominal unemployment rate for the month was 4.11% and 4.15% after seasonal adjustment. The labor participation rate was 58.82%.

Source:DGBAS Leading Indicators

It’s Year 1 of Space Travel! Business Opportunities for Taking Off from Earth

Following Jeff Bezos’ lead, several ultra-wealthy people have taken a cosmic journey this year. And one by one, space companies have obtained licenses to carry passengers, ready to make space travelers’ dreams come true.

Source: Business Next
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Image: shutterstock.com

Cloud Travel Is Popular Among Generation X

The 5G era is upon us, and for all industries, digitalization has become more urgent than ever. More importantly, people’s consumption habits have changed. The distinction between shopping only online or only in physical stores has gradually disappeared. Besides, the pandemic has been a catalyst that accelerates the blurring of the boundary between the virtual and the real world, bringing breakthroughs to some industries. Can the tourism industry, which has been hit hard, break away from outdated traditional models to find business opportunities?

Source: United Daily News (Economy News) (Director-General Fan Hui-Yi, the Strategic Intelligent Innovation and Service Research Division at Commerce Development Research Institute)
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Taiwan’s Muslim-Friendly Travel Environment Awarded Silver by CrescentRating

Mastercard and CrescentRating jointly published the 2021 Global Muslim Tourism Index (GMTI) on July 14. Taiwan outperformed its neighboring competitors and tied with the United Kingdom for second place among non-OIC destinations, trailing only behind Singapore. This is a new record for Taiwan after winning third place in 2019. The news has brought excitement to the sluggish tourism industry impacted by COVID-19.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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Image: shutterstock.com

Which Two Aviation Sectors Will Rebound the Quickest after the Pandemic?

Many countries have entered a post-pandemic period, and the hard-hit aviation industry is also gradually recovering. While some companies are still struggling, two types of businesses are expected to rebound quickly. What are their strengths?

Source: CommonWealth Magazine—The Economist
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Media News

Google Delays the Removal of Third-Party Cookies until 2023

Last year, the news that Google would gradually phase out third-party cookies in Chrome attracted the attention of advertisers. Before that, Google had promised on its official blog that once third-party cookies were eliminated, it would not use any alternative methods to track user personal data.

Google’s parent company Alphabet confirmed to foreign media that Chrome will not disable cookie tracking until the end of 2023, which is a year later than originally planned.

Image: Shutterstock/TPG

Source: INSIDE
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YouTube Shorts Beta Available in Taiwan; Eye-Catching Short Videos Made with Phones

The overseas version of TikTok has set off a global trend of short videos. Companies such as Instagram and YouTube have also tried to launch their own versions. YouTube has released the YouTube Shorts service in September 2020. Recently, it has taken the next step and launched the YouTube Shorts Beta version globally. This allows users to not only experience watching short videos but also make eye-catching short videos with their mobile phones.


Source: Tech News
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Seven Key Marketing Trends for the New Generation

Digital and Media Marketing Association (DMA) released a report on Taiwan’s marketing trends in 2021. Based on the year’s performance, it is estimated that the market conditions in the first half of the year will remain stable compared with the same period last year but still lower than that of 2019. As for investment types, Internet celebrity live streaming, embedded MarTech, and self-built first-hand database are preferred. In terms of industries, e-commerce, game apps, and healthcare are again top three with the highest positive growth rates, as they were in 2020.

Image: Taipei DMA

Seven major trends in digital marketing are worth paying attention to in 2021.

Trend 1: The restrictions on cookies accelerates first-party data utilization.

Trend 2: The intellectual propertization, universalization, and platformization of Internet celebrity

Trend 3: Generation Z = platform era

Trend 4: The era of “twisted marketing” is here.

Trend 5: The emergence of new media and social network platforms

Trend 6: Online shows are the norm, driving multi-faceted experiences.

Trend 7: The formation of industry platform ecology

Source: Taipei DMA
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Digital Ad Platforms’ Global Market Shares: TikTok versus Google and Facebook

The global digital advertising ranking has not changed significantly. Google remains in the lead; Facebook continues to catch up, followed by e-commerce giants Alibaba and Amazon. In the “Others” category, TikTok, a potential player that cannot be ignored, is also actively deploying globally. It has done well in India in addition to the US, with an average daily opening of 12 to 19 times, has extremely high user stickiness, and has become an advertising platform that global advertisers look forward to.

Image: TikTok

Source: Marketer
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Case Study

Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association —
“Farmtour Market” Brand Identity and Publication Design

“Farmtour Market” is the first agritourism specialty store (e-commerce platform) implemented by the Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association. The store offers a collection of experiences and products of all major leisure farms in Taiwan. The store is designed to help farmers in agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, and forestry to build sales channels and to improve the visibility of services and experience in rural Taiwan. Each leisure farm has its special features, such as flowers, fruits, tea, vegetables, rice, fisheries, farm animal, etc. The farms cover local products, history, customs, and other agricultural and cultural knowledge. Consumers can be entertained as they learn about the place and become deeply connected to the land emotionally. Farmtour Market is like a supermarket for leisure farms that introduces you to the unique farms in Taiwan and the congenial people of this land.

Farmtour Market’s Brand Identity Design
For the “Farmtour Market” brand identity, a logo was designed to reflect its vision and values. As the name suggests, Farmtour is rooted in agriculture, and by extension, it can also refer to the people in agriculture. Therefore, in the design of the Farmtour Market logo, two happy people wearing bamboo hats stretch out their arms to welcome everyone to experience the fun of agritourism. Handwritten characters in ink in rustic fonts bring out the cordial and simple personality of Taiwanese farmers who have an abundance of agricultural and food-related knowledge.

Final Version

Design of the Farmtour Report
The Farmtour Report is a catalog dedicated to describing the special attributes, activities, and products of theme farms in each issue. Through the Farmtour Report, consumers can better understand the spirit and special features of Taiwan’s leisure agriculture. Combining information on seasonal activities, agricultural products (forestry, fishery, woodworking), and special farm management features, the catalog helps consumers to understand agritourism and shopping information more easily.

The design of the Farmtour Report follows the style of the Farmtour logo. The overall design is natural, rustic, clean, simple, and full of earth elements. The reader is presented with a wealth of diverse agritourism information through a natural and fresh tone of writing.

Farmtour Report – Cover

Farmtour Report –Inside pages (samples)



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