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Fun and Trending Agritourism and Farm Tours, Different From What You Think

Only parents, children, and the elderly like farm tours? No. In Taiwan, there is a group of young people silently promoting local creation and introducing music into the countryside, hoping to reverse your traditional impression of the experience of agritourism!

▲There are stories in the old house welcoming everyone to listen and explore. (Photo/ Music Rice)

Music Rice Agri-marketing Studio

Turn the Old House Into an Art Station to Make the Farm Tours More Interesting

We are not sure if the rice tastes better growing up by listening to tea picking songs from grandmother, praise song (folk ballad) from father, and self-play and singing from Xuanyi Huang. But, we are sure that introducing music into the countryside will help revitalize the local characteristics of towns and villages and enrich the five-sense experience of tourists!

▲Music performances are held in the old house from time to time. (Photo/ Music Rice)

Xuanyi Huang, born in Yilan, has loved music since she was a child. After graduating from graduate school, she returned to her grandmother’s 80-year-old house in Jiaoxi, turning it into a cultural and creative base, and giving the old architecture a new life through music. Xuanyi Huang set up IYouAma Art Station, irregularly holding music performances and art exhibitions. Besides, she and her husband Ziwei Fang promote little trips in the countryside with a group of friends. They lead their guests to learn Fancuan Fields in Jiaoxi, eating ancient delicacies, and exploring the uniqueness of the old house, such as hōo-tīng (threshold), tsháu-khûn (haystack), tuā-tsàu (stove), and lâu-bué-tíng (roof), etc. All the little things about rural life are written into songs and sung for everyone.

▲Xuanyi Huang plays more than ten kinds of instruments, such as guitar and dulcimer. (Photo/ Music Rice)

Her album “Songs of Jiaoxi" includes songs: “Good, Good", “Jiaoxi Ama", “Wind of Yilan", “Ama’s House", and “Symbiosis with Water". Most of her music creations come from her understanding of rural life.

▲The support from family is a boost for youth entrepreneurship. (Photo/ Music Rice)

To integrate into the local life, she also began to grow vegetables and raise pigs. After starting farming with her community, she has endless topics with people and hears more local stories and the wisdom of life from the elders.

▲Xuanyi Huang (first right in the front row) and Ziwei Fang (second right in the front row wearing headscarves) run local creation with a group of friends. (Photo/ Music Rice)

Ziwei Fang, the other half, had run the business with his parents in the Yilan traditional market since he was a child. He has also visited rural areas and markets in Japan, Australia, and Southeast Asia. After returning to his hometown, Ziwei Fang applied what he learned to practice and guide domestic and foreign tourists in Mandarin, English, and Japanese. So far, he has served tourists from 23 countries, including European friends from afar, showing them the most local Yilan by wandering the vegetable and fruit stalls, knife-sharpening shops, and seedling shops.

In recent years, they have successively published books, including “Jiaoxi Ama, I Love You", “The Stories of A Ma’s Old House", “Symbiosis with Water", “Jiaoxi Old Street", and “The People Who Rejuvenating the Ancient House". Walking into the campus and running their Facebook and YouTube fan page, they hope to let more people know about Music Rice and IYouAma to experience the beauty of rural life through images, text, and videos.

For more information: IYouAma https://www.facebook.com/iyouama



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