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Market Watch

【Diagram】A Picture of Taiwan’s Top 10 Omnichannel E-Commerce! momo Strategizes On Logistics, While PChome Actively On Online Payment

The OMO model of the e-commerce industry focuses more on integrating diversified information and services centered on individual consumers, using a variety of data to optimize consumer experiences while effectively reducing fulfillment costs and improving the efficiency of supply chain operations.

2021 Taiwan “OMO Omnichannel E-Commerce" diagram illustrates e-commerce operators’ involvement and coopetition in key areas, including storeless retail, fresh food e-commerce, digital payment, logistics services, community commerce, and physical locations. The article further summarizes three key trends, fully presenting the picture of Taiwan’s “OMO omnichannel e-commerce.”

Image/ Mirai Business

Source: Business Next
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【Interview】McDonald’s APP Has 6 Million Fans, Making the Biggest Change In the Past 7 Years to Reach the Two KPI Regardless of All Oppositions

“Balabababa!" The classic commercial soundtrack sounded, the phone popped up to remind you of the alarm, and a coupon was also included. Setting an alarm clock and enjoying discounts are all too familiar to Taiwanese McDonald’s fans.

From the “McDonald’s Good Morning Alarm App" launched in 2014 to the “McDonald’s Newspaper App" combined weather information in 2016, this daily discount service has accumulated 6 million registered users and is very popular.

Image/ McDonald’s

Source: Business Next
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Quintuple Stimulus Voucher Stimulates Consumption, E-Commerce Q4 2021: Preparing for Peak

The Quintuple Stimulus Voucher has officially revitalized consumption from October 8th. Unlike the Triple Stimulus Voucher last year restricting usages from e-commerce sites, the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher is available for use on domestic e-commerce. It is expected that the vouchers will juice the economy and help carry forward overall economic development in Q4 2021 after the epidemic outbreak in Q2. Although the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher does not apply all items on online platforms, especially limited on daily necessities and largely open for local suppliers’ and farmers’ products, the inapplicable items account for the minority of all items. The price-oriented e-commerce players are still competitive in the market.

Photo/ TechNews

Source: TechNews
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KKday Launches “KKday Shop" to Assist Travel Suppliers in Branding and Digitalization! What Are the Functions?

KKday Shop uses KKday’s self-developed reservation system Rezio. Rezio has merged the functions such as payment flow, automatic certificates delivery, inventory management, etc. The goal of Rezio is to enable suppliers to quickly digitalize and widely accept online orders by easily establishing their official websites. KKday Shop further provides a platform that allows suppliers’ products to be integrated into a single page. The first phase will target suppliers about outdoor activities, travel, and entertainment. In the future, KKday Shop will expand to overseas markets.

Image/ KKday

Source: Business Next
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“Squid Game” Reached Over 110 Million Views in A Month! What Is the Successful Secret Behind?

The Netflix series “Squid Game" has been viewed by more than 110 million people worldwide since its launch a month ago. This is not Netflix’s first hot-selling series. Is there a successful secret behind it?

Squid Game has been on Netflix’s global hotlist for two consecutive weeks, except in Denmark. In less than a month, the number of global viewers exceeded 110 million, while there are 209 million members of Netflix global. In other words, more than 50% of the members have watched Squid Game in the 28 days.

Photo/ Netflix

Source: Business Next
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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-September 2021

Charts/ Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Charts/ Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. 28,132 Taiwanese went abroad in September, down 11.04% from the same period of 2020 when 31,622 people went abroad.
  2. The top destination for outbound travelers in September 2021 was China, followed by America, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. Singapore has the highest outbound travel destination rate, rising 667.43% from the same period of 2020.

Inbound Visitor Statistics for September 2021

Charts/ Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. In September 2021, Taiwan had 12,264 inbound visitors, down 47.86% from the same month of 2020.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for September 2021

Charts/ Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS)

Charts/ DGBAS

  1. There were 11.41 million people employed and 471,000 unemployed in September, resulting in an unemployment rate of 3.96%, which was lowered to 3.92% after seasonal adjustments. The labor participation rate was 58.93%.
  2. In August 2021, there were 8.09 million people employed in industry and service. The average regular wage for employed workers was NT$43,227. The average monthly earnings, including bonuses, overtime pay, and other irregular income, were NT$51,169.

Source: DGBAS Latest Indicators

The Ratio of Over 3-Day Domestic Travel Has Increased, And Travel Expenditure Per Person Has Grown Against the Tide

According to the statistical information network from DGBAS, the domestic travel times have dropped to 6.7 times on average due to COVID-19. However, the travel expenditure per person has increased by 4.9% annually. The main reason is that the lockdown restrictions haven’t been lifted. Consequently, the over 3-day domestic travel ratio has increased.

Source: UDN/ money.udn.com

Tourism Bureau Weekly Draws 600,000 Lucky Winners for Domestic Travel Vouchers, With Bonus of Amusement Park and Taiwan Tour Bus 

To assist in the revitalization and development of tourism, the Executive Yuan simultaneously supports the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications to launch the additional 2.4 million “Domestic Travel Voucher," valued at NT$1,000 each, in addition to the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher. Shopkeepers will not be required to give change for purchases made using the vouchers. So far, about 4,500 operators allow customers to use the vouchers, including travel agencies, hoteliers, and other tourism businesses of amusement parks, hot springs, National Scenic Area Administrations, and factories. And it is still increasing.

In addition, Amusement Park in Taiwan has discount offerings such as “Park 1+1″ and “Thousand Dollar Package." Tourists who enter the park before April 30, 2022, can participate in the lottery. The number of prizes exceeds 1,000, which “millions of cash" is the biggest prize.

On the other hand, Taiwan Tour Bus has launched a “$200 rebate for every $1000 spent" discount route.

It is expected that there will be a new wave of domestic travel under the stimulus of Quintuple Stimulus Voucher and Domestic Travel Voucher.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Photo/ shutterstock.com

Is Taiwan Tourism Now Emphasizing Cost-Performance or Value-Performance?

COVID-19 has hit the global and Taiwanese tourism industry severely. However, we believe that the worst time is also the best turning point. The consultant company Plan b, commissioned by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, runs the sustainable tourism RING RING Project. They have started local observation and look forward to a new model of sustainable tourism in Taiwan.

Source: Smile Taiwan

Post-Epidemic Sightseeing Business Opportunities, Asian Island Hopping Cruise Alliance by Maritime Port Bureau and Offshore Islands

The Maritime Port Bureau and Association for Cruises Development of Taiwan (ACDT) jointly organized the “2021 Asian Island Hopping Cruise Alliance" online forum. In addition to sharing the characteristics of the offshore islands, they also expressed their support for the Asian Island Hopping Cruise Alliance. Participants were representatives from the East Asian industry, government, and academia. They presented itineraries ideas and shared opinions to win support for the Asian Island Hopping Cruise Alliance.

Source: Finance ETtoday

Media News

What Is the Trend of YouTube Marketing in 2021? Brand Visibility and Top of Mind Are Key Factors!

In the past year, Taiwan has experienced severe challenges brought by COVID-19. Online video and audio have become the source of information to accompany the public through this period. The influence has greatly surpassed television. The behavior of watching online video and audio will become the new norm. Seizing the opportunity and standing out from hundreds of videos have become challenges for each brand.

The 2021 YouTube Brandcast annual event, held a few days ago, shared two new norms of viewing behaviors, three major creative content trends, and the 333 strategy to increase brand visibility and top of mind. It aimed to let everyone understand YouTube’s latest trends and help marketers create value and resonate with audiences in YouTube with more efficient and precise strategies.

Image: Google Taiwan

Source: Marketers
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Still, Chasing Traffic? Four Major Trends in LINE Membership Management! Let Users Proactively Follow You

The LINE official account is a marketing channel operated by many brands. But how to grab the attention of consumers and increase the page conversion rate when opponents are competing? And how to cultivate customer online adhesion?

How to make consumers proactively follow you? Follow up with the four major LINE membership management trends to establish consumers’ dependence and adherence to brands’ official accounts. Create user convenience and brand experience.

Image: JS ADWAYS MEDIA INC./ Working Everyday LINE Official Account

Source: Business Next
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Abandon the IGTV Product Line! Instagram Announced the Merger of IGTV and Dynamic Post Videos

The former head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, publicly stated that “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app.” He indicated that Instagram is moving to the entertainment and audio-visual fields under the threats of competitors such as TikTok and YouTube. And it is now beginning to rectify its audio-visual service.

A few days ago, Instagram officially announced that IGTV’s long videos and Instagram dynamic post videos are combined into a new format, referred to as “Instagram Video," making video and audio a core of the Instagram experience.

Image/ Instagram

Source: INSIDE
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Gen Z: Short Video First! “TickTokalize” From Dating to Work?

App Annie, the App analysis company, pointed out in the annual trend report that TikTok is the most downloaded App in 2020, surpassing Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. During the epidemic, video and audio allow people to interact face-to-face at a distance. It is more efficient and warmer than textual communication. Young people, mainly Gen Z, are particularly excited to receive information and interact with people through short videos. The craze has also spread to other areas.

Photo/ Future Commerce

Source: Future Commerce
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Case Study

Maritime Port Bureau –Promotion of Lighthouse Keepers Picture Book and Popular Science Videos

Campaign Objectives
1.To hold an announcement event for the lighthouse keepers picture book “Guardians of the Sea"
2.To lead the public to learn the knowledge of lighthouses and lighthouse keepers in Taiwan
3.To introduce the duties and operational characteristics of lighthouse keepers and pilots via popular science videos

Lighthouses in Taiwan are spread across the main island and offshore islands with 36 districts. Each district has its dedicated lighthouse keepers. The duty of a lighthouse keeper encompasses having a wealth of knowledge of lighthouse structure and functions and having multiple roles such as carpenter, plumber, and painter.

Consumers will have more understanding of port affairs through the launch and the related events of the picture book. In addition to the campaign site to advertise lighthouse-related knowledge and interactive lottery activity, we also filmed three videos about lighthouse keepers and pilots to cooperate with the 2021 popular science education promotion of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication. We aim to spread the concept via mass media.

Key Visual of the Announcement Event:
The visual was designed by the material in the picture book “Guardians of the Sea” to build campaign consistency.

POSM Design for the Event:

Pictures Taken in the Announcement Event:

The Posters, Roll Up Banners, Photo Frames in the Lighthouse Parks:

Campaign Site Design:
The campaign site includes a picture book online preview, the stories of lighthouse keepers, the chronicle of events and knowledge of lighthouses, an interactive game area, and popular science videos.

The campaign site of Maritime Port Bureau:

Episode 1 of the popular science video “Illuminate the Way Home: The Unshakable Lighthouses After Strong Winds and Waves”

Episode 2 of the popular science video “Unveil the Lighthouses and Light Poles”



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