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Thailand Has Reopened to Taiwanese with Quarantine-Free Entry in November

As the epidemic has stabilized and vaccine coverage has increased, the Thai government has gradually eased inbound travel regulations. Thailand has officially reopened from November 2021. Tourists who are fully vaccinated and hold negative PCR test results are welcome to Thailand and experience diverse vacation options, such as high-end hotels, Thai SPA massage, and golf holidays.

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Market Watch

Why Does Facebook Rename Itself Meta? What Are the Implications and Potential Challenges Behind?

One of the biggest news in technology recently must be metaverse. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the corporate name Facebook is being rebranded as Meta and declared the vision of Meta and its determination to change the existing situation.

In his keynote pitch, Mark Zuckerberg confidently explained the various applications in socializing and working in the metaverse. He explained why the vision fits well with its corporate, emphasizing the concept of allowing people to connect better.

However, why does he make such a big announcement? How can we view this behavior?

Photo/ Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Business Next
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Gucci and Balenciaga Are Rushing to Launch Virtual Products! Research: Metaverse Seen as US$50 Billion Business Opportunities for Luxury Brands

Will the physical-store-based luxury industry be hit when the metaverse is a trend? The answer may be just the opposite. According to the report by Morgan Stanley, it predicts that the metaverse sensation may create US$50 billion business opportunities for luxury brands by 2030.

Photo/ ArtGrails

Source: Business Next
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Facebook Marketing Summit: 90% Of Taiwanese Users Follow Businesses Accounts on Instagram

Meta held the online Facebook Marketing Summit 2021 on November 16. It allowed businesses to acquire the latest brand marketing trends, gain insights into the consumer purchase journey of new generations, reshape marketing strategies, and deepen communication and connection with consumers. Meta explained that 90% of users in Taiwan follow at least one business account on Instagram. Another survey pointed out that 54% of 18 to 34-year-old Taiwanese respondents would use Instagram for shopping inspiration.

Photo/ Meta

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Double 11 Shopping Festival 2021 Hit A New High! Sales Performance And Hot-Selling List of 5 E-Commerce: momo, PChome, Tmall, And Shopee

What did you buy on Double 11 2021? How much did you spend? Major e-commerce companies unveiled their monthly income in October of 2021. During the epidemic, the Double 11 Shopping Festival became the way to liberate their shopping desire without going out. Each e-commerce platform had a sales breakthrough compared to the same period of last year. Let’s take a look at the hot-selling products.

Photo/ momo, PChome, Tmall, Shopee

Source: UP MEDIA
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Survey on E-Commerce Shopping Festival: Taiwanese Spent an Average of NT$15,073 Yearly

The Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) has released Double 11 shopping surveys for six consecutive years. Since the shopping festival has become part of Taiwanese life, MIC conducted the “e-commerce shopping festival" survey for the first time this year, proposing the data of the consuming group who often shopped on Double 11. The survey showed that 67.2% of consumers often participated in e-commerce shopping festivals, far exceeding other festivals and holidays (33.1%), department store anniversaries (24.6%), and brand anniversaries (17.3%). People who had been shopping at the e-commerce shopping festivals spent an average of NT$15,073 a year on it.

Photo/ Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Source: Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute
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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-October 2021

Charts/ Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. 25,928 Taiwanese went abroad in October, down 14.68% from the same period of 2020 when 30,390 people went abroad.
  2. The top destination for outbound travelers in October 2021 was China, followed by America, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. Singapore has the highest outbound travel destination rate, rising 182.65% from the same period of 2020.

Inbound Visitor Statistics for October 2021

Charts/ Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. ​​In October 2021, Taiwan had 14,107 inbound visitors, down 25.68% from the same month of 2020.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Full article: https://bit.ly/3qIIl13, https://stat.taiwan.net.tw, https://bit.ly/3jBKr0X

DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for October 2021

Charts/ Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS)

Charts/ DGBAS

  1. There were 11.44 million people employed and 456,000 unemployed in October, resulting in an unemployment rate of 3.83%, which was 3.84% after seasonal adjustments. The labor participation rate was 59.02%.
  2. In September 2021, the average regular wage for employed workers was NT$43,378, which had 0.39% growth month-over-month and 1.74% growth year-over-year.

Source: DGBAS Latest Indicators
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What Kind of New Norms Will Be Generated After the Aviation Industry Recovers in 2023?

Since the vaccination coverage in various countries is gradually rising, the aviation industry, which has been influenced severely by the epidemic, is slowly recovering. In the post-pandemic era, some changes are taking place quietly.

Source: Business Next
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2020 Theme Index Museum Index: How Do Amusement Parks Survive In the Epidemic? Is There A Hope?

After the first COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, all walks of life were bottoming out starting 2021. And it ushers in a full recovery in 2022 (full-year operations, for example). In 2023, the confidence of tourists will be returning. Tourists will focus more on brand new scenic spots and experiences. Thus, operators are urged to prepare as soon as possible.

Photo/ Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort

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Tourism Bureau Held Muslim Tourism B2B Matchmaking, Preparing to Attract Visitors for Border Opening

Preparing for the Muslim inbound visitors after the border reopening, the Tourism Bureau held a B2B matchmaking forum a few days ago for a Muslim-friendly travel environment, hoping to deepen the development of Muslim tourism in Taiwan through matchmaking.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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Media News

LINE Launched the Short-Form Video Platform LINE VOOM, Replacing LINE Timeline! How to Differentiate?

On November 25, LINE revamped its LINE Timeline to become a brand new “LINE VOOM,” a short-form video platform for posting and watching videos. In the future, LINE VOOM will focus on developing original video content.

LINE provides more complete video services because of this change. What is the strategy behind it?


Source: Business Next
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The Analysis of LINE Taiwan Usage Behavior During the Epidemic: 98% Of Users Increased Their Digital Usage Through LINE; Official Accounts Increased by 18% Over the Years

The epidemic has changed people’s lives, especially the change of digital usage behavior in Level 3 epidemic alert. According to Nielsen’s LINE Usage Behavior Survey 2021, 98% of LINE users increased their digital usage through LINE during Level 3. In addition, the number of LINE official accounts in Taiwan has exceeded 2 million. 83% of LINE users followed LINE official accounts. The top five followed industries are finance, chain stores, shopping, food, and government in order.

Image/ LINE

Source: TechNews
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Finally! Link Sticker Function Was Open to All Users on Instagram Stories, No Restriction of 10K Followers

In the past, social managers or influencers set their primary goal of getting 10K followers on Instagram to get the “swipe-up” link function. It allowed users to link to external web pages, conducive for calling to action. In June, Instagram gradually replaced the swipe-up link function with “link stickers” and evaluated the effect on various users, including the account under 10K followers. Now, Instagram officially announced that link stickers are fully open to all users.

Image/ Instagram

Source: INSIDE
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Facebook Has Lost Its Young Users Drastically in Recent Years, Showing the Trend of “Aging Users"

The new generation of young users believes that Facebook is for the older generation. In recent years, Facebook has managed to keep young people staying on the platform.

To solve the problem, Meta tried many methods between Facebook and Instagram. For example, Facebook planned to launch new features in Facebook Groups to help group admins build the community they want, deepen connections, and strengthen group culture. The new feature was under testing in November.

Photo/ Shutterstock and Top Photo Group

Source: INSIDE
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Ads Deleted Within 24 Hours After Posting! What Are the Advantages and Controversies of Short-Lived Content Marketing?

Since last year, many fashion brands have emptied their social media content, including SAINT LAURENT, CELINE, and Chloe. BOTTEGA VENETA even deleted the entire Instagram account and said goodbye to 3 million followers. The reason for the former was mainly to emphasize the new phases of the brands; while the latter was to bring up the social media bullying issue to its followers.

Photo/ Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

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Case Study

Tigerair Taiwan –Shimane Prefecture, Japan


Although consumers have temporarily postponed their plans abroad due to the epidemic, many people shared their good memories of traveling on the Internet.

Through the cooperation, Tigerair Taiwan and Shimane Prefecture of Japan conveyed the image “the prefecture of good matches and beautiful skin” to Taiwanese consumers, introducing the Shimane-related hot spring products (HIME LABO) for purchasing.

The digital campaign increased Taiwanese understanding and preference of Shimane Prefecture.


Thinking from 3 attributes of Shimane:

  1. Izumo-taisha, one of the most ancient Shinto shrines in Japan, located in Shimane Prefecture, is dedicated to the god Ōkuninushi, famous as the Shinto deity of marriage.

In October of the lunar calendar, a festival is held to welcome all the gods to Izumo-taisha. It is believed that the gods gather at Izumo-taisha in October to discuss the coming year’s marriages, deaths, and births.

2. Shimane is known in Japan as “the prefecture of beautiful skin.” The hot springs were ranked as the top hot springs for beautiful skin in Japan for six consecutive years.

The celebrated Tamatsukuri Onsen in Shimane has been flowing for 1,300 years, renowned for its beautifying properties.

  1. The delicacies of Shimane
    ○ One of the top three sobas (buckwheat noodles) in Japan –Izumo Soba
    ○ The award-winning, top-quality beef –Shimane Wagyu beef
    ○ Lake Shinji, the top 1 clam catches lake in Japan –Clams

Given the tourism attributes of Shimane, the campaign targeted females for pursuing relationships, beauty, and delightful feasts. Thus, “Her Shimane –Beautiful Skin, Good Relationship, and Delightful Feasts Make You A Better Version of You” became the communication angle of the campaign.


The campaign cross-industry cooperated with Hotel Royal Beitou. Consumers who spent a night or took a hot spring bath at Hotel Royal Beitou could experience the HIME LABO products, giving females the opportunity to feel the Shimane-like vacation. After increasing understanding and preference, people may choose Shimane as their next travel destination.

The campaign press conference “Tigerair Taiwan x Shimane Prefecture of Japan” was held at Hotel Royal Beitou, inviting travel journalists, beauty and fashion press reporters, and influencers. The campaign was massively advertised and exposed through news and social media.


◆Campaign site:
The key visual was designed with two traveling females walking into the 1,300-year Tamatsukuri Onsen, Izumo-taisha, Yuushien Garden, and Adachi Museum of Art. The campaign site included official videos, the legend of “the prefecture of beautiful skin,” HIME LABO of Tamatsukuri Onsen skincare products, the introduction of attractions, and the co-op package with Hotel Royal Beitou.
For more information: https://bit.ly/3FDeaQJ

◆Tigerair Taiwan’s owned media:
Homepage banner of the official website

Facebook posts


◆Cross-industry cooperation with Hotel Royal Beitou:
In addition to promoting the tourism image of “the prefecture of good matches and beautiful skin,” the campaign also introduced the Shimane-related hot spring ingredients skincare products –HIME LABO through the cross-industry cooperation with Hotel Royal Beitou, the first high-end health and lifestyle resort in Taiwan.

The trial packs were placed in hotel rooms and MU Hot Springs for guests. The cooperation between the two parties could strengthen the promotion benefits and help consumers understand the brand by applying the products. Ultimately, guests could purchase online at tigerselect.

◆The press conference of Tigerair Taiwan x Shimane Prefecture of Japan:
The campaign press conference invited travel journalists, beauty and fashion press reporters, and influencers. The media news assisted consumers to learn about Shimane Prefecture and HIME LABO, increase favorability, and purchase the products.


Press conference

Behind the scenes




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