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Eat More, Work Less! Glamping Experience in Taiwan

The new trend of camping in Taiwan has developed from “traditional" to “luxury," providing a relaxing and comfortable experience for people who have no time to prepare, no space to keep equipment, and no intention to set up tents and start a campfire to cook.

▲Get out of the camper trailers and get close to nature. (Photo/ HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE)

Interview content with Dong-long Chen, the assistant president of HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE

Before the epidemic, some people in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan went camping. After the epidemic, people were afraid of the poor ventilation and social distance indoors. Thus, people started vacations from hotels to the outdoors. Camping became more popular.

Traditional camping requires campers to bring their sleeping bags, set up tents, and prepare ingredients, pots, and pans, which is quite troublesome. Gradually, the concept of “glamping” has been generated. People can easily enjoy glamping with equipment moved from high-end hotels and considerate service. Staying in a well-ventilated place also makes people feel relatively safe. It is a new option for both camping beginners and camping lovers.

Glamping is also suitable for parents with children, fulfilling everyone’s needs. By camping with several families, children play together. Parents chat and drink beside them. In addition, it can be reserved by corporations for highly flexible customization.

▲Luxury camper trailers with double bed (Photo/ HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE)

Different from traditional camping, the glamping activity promoted by HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE appeals to “Everything is ready for you to play." It is located in Comma Hualien Shoufeng Resort, on County Road 193 between Hualien River and Coastal Range. People can enjoy the beauty of the rift valley in different seasons.

Dong-long Chen, the assistant president of HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE, said that there are currently three types of luxurious and well-equipped camper trailers in Hualien campsite. Wales, the campers with British style, is designed with 3 meters height and large windows in the interior. Exterior to the camper is a wooden pallet canopy to extend the space. There are 10 Wales campers, close to the jungle-like restroom. You can take a shower as if you bathe in nature.

In addition, there are five SkyCampers and Stagecoaches respectively, with toiletries, mini-bar, refrigerator, retractable sink, etc. The interior of the SkyCamper has a double bed and a 180-degree anti-peep window. It is equipped with a separate bath shower and washlet. There is an exclusive sofa area outside the camper. The interior of the Stagecoach is designed with a double bed, with a separate bath and shower. There are tables and chairs outside, convenient for resting and having fun in front of the camper.

Dong-long Chen added that people no need to worry about rain, cold weather, mosquitoes, and restrooms in the camper compared with tents. Besides, there is a distance between each camper, providing privacy and comfort.

▲The afternoon snack –Kachinpow, the aboriginal zongzi, is made with indigenous red quinoa and sticky rice, stuffed with fresh pork, small dried fish, and flying fish chili sauce. (Photo/ HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE)

Affected by the epidemic, it is temporarily impossible to go abroad. However, you can enjoy a better quality domestic vacation by spending the same budget on international travel. HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE provides not only comfortable campers but also delicious meals. With general camping, campers check-in in the afternoon and make their dinner and breakfast the next day. But with glamping, HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE offers premium service with a camper trailer and four meals. Guests do not need to start the campfire, bring a portable butane gas cooker, and worry about cooking skills and insufficient food.

HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE focuses on seasonal ingredients and local food. There are Eastern and Western options for breakfast; Japanese lunch boxes for lunch; and local street food for afternoon tea. As for dinner, the professional private chefs select locally seasonal ingredients and provide omakase to satisfy your taste buds. By the way, the restaurant accommodates about 50 people. People can also enjoy the meal outdoors.

▲The restaurant at the campsite. (Photo/ HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE)

The public facilities in the campsite are also worth mentioning, especially the jungle-like restroom. You can see some cute animals at the entrance, such as birds and honey gliders. Enjoy the feeling of bathing in nature. In addition, there are paddling pools and bald cypress, which are also rare in other campsites.

▲There is a chance to enjoy the feeling of bathing in nature. (Photo/ HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE)

The campsite plans a variety of itineraries for different seasons throughout the year, such as whale watching by boat, rafting on streams, and SUP. If you like mountains, forest exploration, farming experiences, or tribal handicraft DIY is best for you. Also, cycling nearby is an option. The campsite may also hold a campfire party during aboriginal’s Harvest Festival and Art Season.

For more information: HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE –Let’s go camping! https://bit.ly/3nmx9r0



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