▲Get out of the camper trailers and get close to nature. (Photo/ HSI HUNG TRAVEL SERVICE)

Eat More, Work Less! Glamping Experience in Taiwan

The new trend of camping in Taiwan has developed from “traditional" to “luxury," providing a relaxing and comfortable experience for people who have no time to prepare, no space to keep equipment, and no intention to set up tents and start a campfire to cook.

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▲Good-quality hot springs are plentiful in Taiwan. (Photo/ shutterstock.com)

Taiwan Hot Springs –Take A Warm Trip with Hot Springs

Taiwan has unique hot spring resources. The featured hot spring areas in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan have their charm. Take a hot spring-themed trip and add more fun with food, accommodation, attractions, shopping, and other experiences.

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Market Watch

Tourism Industry Update

Media News

Case Study

Market Watch

Research: The Scale of Social E-commerce Will Grow 200% in the Next Three Years

The latest research pointed out that the growth rate of global users shopping through social platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and WeChat will be three times higher than traditional shopping channels in the next three years. The overall market size will reach USD 1.2 trillion by 2025, rising 200% from 2021.

Photo/ shutterstock

Source: TechNews
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Customer Contribution Increased 170%! Marketing Expert: E-commerce Can Grow With Physical Stores

The ongoing epidemic has changed people’s living and working habits. People began relying on online solutions, including working from home and shopping online for necessities. It caused the proportion of online shopping in the retail industry to continue to skyrocket. People who used to go to physical stores now have learned online shopping through websites or apps. However, for many people, the physical shopping experience is still fundamental. Therefore, the retail method of OMO (online to offline or offline to online) has gradually become a trend.

Photo/ Pexels

Source: The Storm Media
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Super-Personalized Marketing Takes Shape, Merchants Will Know Consumers Better Than Themselves in the Future

The ecosystem is the business science from 2020 to 2021. According to the future business survey report cooperating with Visa and world-renowned research institutions, super-personalized marketing strategies for the general public is a trend by 2030. Manage each consumer as an ecosystem (Markets of One).

It is possible to massively convey a customized, single, and unique value to a single consumer in the market. And today, we have also seen some early applications of super-personalized marketing.

Photo/ Shutterstock

Source: Business Next
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Do You Live In the Real World or the Digital World? Market Survey Statistics: Each Person Spent 4.8 Hours a Day on Mobile Phone in 2021

The market research agency App Annie recently released the report “The State of Mobile in 2022." The epidemic has catalyzed people’s dependence on mobile devices. In 2022, it will transform into economic models that focus on digital communities, hybrid work, and handheld entertainment.

The report also declared global mobile phone usage in 2021. In 2021, users spent 380 million hours on mobile devices, and each person spent an average of 4.8 hours a day on apps, rising 30% from 2019.

Photo/ Unsplash

Source: Yahoo! News
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Consumers Expect Low Carbon Emissions, However, Will It Impact Product Prices?

There were forest fires in Europe, heavy rains in Zhengzhou, China, and heavy snow in Texas. The impact of climate change was no longer international news. Taiwan experienced the worst drought in 50 years in 2021. It caused people in central Taiwan to have no water available.

We cannot ignore the threats from extreme climates. In November 2021, the COP26 further shifted the issue of climate change from the advocacy stage to requiring countries to formulate substantive regulations within a time limit to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Image/ MANAGERtoday

Source: MANAGERtoday
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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January-December 2021

Chart/ Tourism Bureau, MOTC
  1. 26,646 Taiwanese went abroad in December, rising 31.14% from the same period of 2020 when 20,318 people went abroad.
  2. The top destination for outbound travelers in December 2021 was China, followed by America, Vietnam, Singapore, and Japan. Singapore has the highest outbound travel destination rate, rising 98.74% from the same period of 2020

Inbound Visitor Statistics for December 2021

Chart/ Tourism Bureau, MOTC
  1. In December 2021, Taiwan had 9,992 inbound visitors, down 54.61% from the same month of 2020.

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Full article: https://bit.ly/3qIIl13https://stat.taiwan.net.twhttps://bit.ly/3jBKr0X

DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for December 2021

Chart/ DGBAS

Chart/ DGBAS

  1. ​​There were 11.48 million people employed and 433,000 unemployed in December, resulting in an unemployment rate of 3.64%, which was 3.72% after seasonal adjustments. The labor participation rate was 59.16%.
  2. In November 2021, the average regular wage for employed workers was NT$43,643, which had 0.12% growth month-over-month and 2.31% growth year-over-year.

Source: DGBAS Latest Indicators
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Photo/ shutterstock.com

Global Passport Powerful Rank 2022: Japan Top 1, Taiwan Top 32, China 64

Henley & Partners, the London-based global citizenship and residency consultancy, released Global Passport Powerful Rank for 2022. Holders of the passports at the top of its ranking –Japan, can travel visa-free to 192 destinations. Taiwan passports ranked 32, and China ranked 64.

Source: The Epoch Times
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Photo/ China Airlines

Is It Just Luck to Be Alive?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated that air cargo demand will expand in 2022. In 2021, the growth of air cargo rose 7.6% from 2019. The association estimated that the growth in 2022 will rise 12.7% from 2019. In 2021, the global air freight volume reached 66 million metric tons, while Taiwan had around 2.6 million metric tons, accounting for 4% of the world’s total. In terms of the cargo volume of major airports in Asia, Taoyuan International Airport ranked among the top.

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Glamping Costs Over 10,000 a Night, but It’s Hard to Get a Single One! Why?

Under the epidemic crisis, the different impacts on different age groups reflected in consumption patterns and demands. People tended to buy, rather than miss out. The fear of missing out (FOMO) has shown in consumer behavior during the crisis. The author compiled three observations: security and distraction, value and belonging, and heritage and afterlife.

Source: Business Weekly 
Author: Zhao-ying Huang, the Marketing Officer of KKday
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High-Quality Transportation, Professional and Excellence Construction

In the 2022 New Year Press Conference, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication explained the policy achievements in 2021 and prospects through eight policies: the reform of Taiwan Railways, convenient railway network, airport construction improvement, port construction enhancement, traffic equality realization, tourism optimization, smart transportation strengthening, and traffic safety implementation.

Source: Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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Media News

Podcast Listening Volume Increased by 200% Annually! 2021 Taiwan Sound Economy Report by SoundOn: “Wage Slave” Top 1 Favorite

SoundOn, the sound economy brand, announced to release the “2021 Sound Economy Report" with platforms such as Yahoo, Chunghwa Telecom, and Social VIP.

The key finding in the report was that the number of podcast programs and the total hours of content output in Taiwan in 2021 showed a steady upward trend. The total listening volume increased by more than 200%. Therefore, the average listening volume of each program increased by 160% compared with the beginning of the year. It implied the golden age of sound economy creators.

photo / SoundOn

Source: Business Next
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TikTok Beats Google, Becoming the Global Traffic Champion of 2021

TikTok, a Chinese short video social platform, quickly became popular. People uploaded various creative videos, resulting in a viral spread. The latest statistics showed that TikTok has defeated the Internet king Google and had the world’s most traffic in 2021, reflecting that TikTok has penetrated people’s lives.

Photo/ LINE

Source: TechNews
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Analysts Pointed Out Key Indicators, YouTube Is Expected to Surpass Netflix as the “King of Streaming"

Although YouTube is often seen as a social media platform, it is dominated by video content and occupies people’s time. It is the biggest competitor to streaming media such as Netflix. While Netflix has been the top-grossing company in the streaming industry, YouTube is on track to overtake Netflix to become the world’s leading streamer by revenue this year, as YouTube continues to grow, according to analysts at Mirabaud Equity Research.

Photo/ TechNews

Source: TechNews
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What Are the Marketing Trends in 2022? Insights and Analysis of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Since 2020, the world has been affected by the epidemic. Lifestyles, economic patterns, marketing trends, and strategies have all been influenced worldwide. The existing marketing strategy may not work in 2022 because the marketing trend has also changed.

Following are the marketing trends in 2022:

  • With the advent of the cookieless era, corporations must focus more on creating a personalized customer experience
  • Follow the business rules of e-commerce and pay attention to the rising proportion of shopping on social platforms
  • Metaverse reigns, including AR and VR
  • Refined content, grasp the golden five seconds
Photo/ Unsplash

Source: Marketers
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Case Study

Cheong Kwan Jang –Social Media Campaign “The Moments!”


Cheong Kwan Jang is the world’s No.1 ginseng brand. It is manufactured by Korean Ginseng Corporation, with national quality assurance. Mainly 30-year-old group purchased the products. The current global brand endorser is Korean actor Lee Minho. To rejuvenate the brand, we held an online event in the form of UGC (user-generated content). As long as participants uploaded photos or videos on social platforms with designated hashtags, people could join in the lucky draw. The campaign aimed to communicate with Gen Z (born from 1995 to 2010).


Gen Z was born in the digital world. There are about 3.75 million Gen Z in Taiwan, accounting for 16% of the total population. They get online via mobile devices. They like images more than texts. They often watch short videos on Tiktaok and YouTube. They are very dependent on social media, especially Instagram. They follow influencers and trust the opinions of KOLs and KOCs.


Campaign mechanism
The UGC campaign “The Moments!” attracted Gen Z to share images or videos that were cool, warm, or funny on four social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok). Posted with hashtags (#TooCrazy_CheongKwanJang, #TooEmotional_CheongKwanJang, #TooFunny_CheongKwanJang) then got a chance to win electronic products. Besides, if participants uploaded a public 60-second video on YouTube Shorts with the hashtag #Shorts and any of the hashtags above, participants could get two chances for the lucky draw!

In response to the usage behavior of Gen Z, we conducted word-of-mouth marketing on Dcard and Internet forums. We invited KOLs (HowHow, A-Han, and Hook) that young people keep up with and 20 micro-influencers to participate in the event on different platforms. In addition, we targeted 18 to 30-year-old audiences and advertised on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


The event had a total of nearly 2,000 participants.

Campaign site https://bit.ly/3GRTBjS

The Landing Page

The colorful visual design echoed the liveliness of young people. People could easily read the terms and conditions step by step. At the same time, electronic products are highlighted to increase Gen Z’s participation.

KOL marketing

Three KOLs collaborations:

  • HowHow: He created a 60-second Instagram video combined with three 20-second contents, each presenting #TooEmotional, #TooFunny, and #TooCrazy. The advertorial king HowHow even let his baby show on the screen to drive traffic. He also authorized videos for social and outdoor advertising.
  • Hook: She created posts on Facebook and Instagram. By wearing hanbok, she caught her fans’ attention.
  • A-Han: He created a post on Instagram. Playing the role of a landlady and sharing her life memory photos made audiences leave comments under the post.

20 micro-influencers marketing

We invited 5 KOCs on Facebook, 10 on Instagram, 2 on YouTube, and 3 on TikTok to participate and advertise the event.

Internet forums marketing

We conducted word-of-mouth marketing on PTT, Mobile01, Dcard, and Facebook communities. Besides, we exposed advertorial news and native ads on Dcard to attract more young people.

Digital advertising

Targeting young audiences, we advertised on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We advertised in Lee Minho’s branding material in the early stage and changed to HowHow’s 3 short videos in the later stage.

Outdoor advertising

We advertised a 60-second video at Zhongshan District to boost awareness.



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