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Mandarin Airlines to Launch Kaohsiung-Kinmen Route, More Convenient to Travel Offshore Island From Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan

Mandarin Airlines has opened a new Kaohsiung-Kinmen route from January 27 after the direct flights from Taipei and Taichung, expanding the service for passengers traveling to and from Kinmen. The Kaohsiung-Kinmen route offers two round-trips a day, making it easier to fly from Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan.

Take Mandarin Airlines to Kinmen, a good choice for returning home and traveling. (Photo/ Mandarin Airlines)

Interview with Zi-ling Lin, the director of the Domestic Tourism Department of ezTravel

Air transport is the most significant transportation between Kinmen and Taiwan! The Kaohsiung-Kinmen route of Mandarin Airlines currently flies two round-trips a day. The flights AE301 and AE307 take off from Kaohsiung International Airport respectively at 08:15 and 15:55 to Kinmen. The flights AE302 and AE308 depart from Kinmen to Kaohsiung every day respectively at 10:00 and 17:50. Mandarin Airlines integrates the fleet resources of China Airlines for the Kinmen route, flexibly adjusting the 180-seat A320 to increase the overall capacity. In the future, the number of flights and seats may be increased depending on the market needs.

To promote the flight from Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung to Kinmen, Mandarin Airlines has also cooperated with several travel agencies, including ezTravel, to launch various package tours. Zi-ling Lin suggested passengers from Southern Taiwan take Mandarin Airlines to Kinmen, arranging to travel early and return late with three to four days. Flight & hotel packages are for those who like independent travel. And group packages are for those too busy to plan the trip. Enjoy street food and attractions with a shuttle bus service.

There are many themed tours and festivals in Kinmen. In addition to the familiar battlefield relics, the Kinmen Lantern Festival, which finished on February 28, was also very distinctive. The 2022 Kinmen Lantern Festival was held in Juguang Park, combining dynamic water dance and innovative technology lighting to create dazzling nights. It also exhibited a cute inflatable otter, quite healing.

Chen Jinglan’s Western Style House, the largest Western-style building in Kinmen (Photo/ shutterstock.com)

Under the border control condition, the offshore island Kinmen has become popular hashtag spots for influencers, giving people an illusion of traveling abroad. Kinmen is full of exotic attractions, such as Shamei Old Street (Kinmen version of Morocco), Jiangongyu Islet (Kinmen version of Mont Saint Michel), and Chen Jinglan’s Western Style House (Kinmen version of the Ruins of Saint Paul’s in Macau).

Jiangongyu Islet, the Kinmen version of the Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay (Photo/ shutterstock.com)

In addition to the exotic ambiance, Kinmen has many appealing highlights. Zi-ling Lin said that April to June is the season for blue tears. The blue tears are formed when clusters of marine algae, disturbed by the crashing waves, glow a bioluminescent blue. They are only prevalent in coastal ports, estuaries, or continental shelves because sufficient plankton is the food source for dinoflagellates.

There are many stories about Kinmen Wind Lion God (Photo/ shutterstock.com)

Visitors cannot miss the Kinmen Wind Lion God when it comes to Kinmen, the hometown of Kinmen Wind Lion God. The guardian of Kinmen –Wind Lion God, has different postures. Some are standing upright or squatting; some have various facial expressions, neck ornaments, or objects held in their hands. If tourists want to distinguish the gender of Wind Lion God, the male lions have gourds between their feet or have secondary sex characteristics. The female lions carry the pom-pom or ribbons. The journey will add more fun by understanding the stories and details of Wind Lion God.

Oyster omelet, must-eat street food in Kinmen (Photo/ shutterstock.com)

Don’t forget to savor the specialty street food in Kinmen. Different from Taiwan, Kinmen Cantonese porridge is boiled on a slow fire until the rice grains are thick and invisible, added with all kinds of delicious ingredients. There are also locally produced oysters, sorghum, beef, oyster omelet, sorghum crabs, and beef hot pot awaiting visitors to try.

For more information:
Mandarin Airlines www.mandarin-airlines.com
ezTravel https://bit.ly/3uBsrtX



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