▲Tourists love the cherry blossom season and the Alishan Forest Railway. (Photo/ shutterstock.com)

Explore Chiayi from Alishan

Alishan is world-famous for its natural beauty and is a must-travel place in Chiayi. How to integrate local tourism resources such as the environment, industries, and cultures? How to promote distinctive tourism in exquisite and in-depth ways? Let’s see the introductions from Wei-xin Hong, the director of the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau.

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▲Take Mandarin Airlines to Kinmen, a good choice for returning home and traveling. (Photo/ Mandarin Airlines)

Mandarin Airlines to Launch Kaohsiung-Kinmen Route, More Convenient to Travel Offshore Island From Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan

Mandarin Airlines has opened a new Kaohsiung-Kinmen route from January 27 after the direct flights from Taipei and Taichung, expanding the service for passengers traveling to and from Kinmen. The Kaohsiung-Kinmen route offers two round-trips a day, making it easier to fly from Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan.

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Market Watch

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Market Watch

[Diagram] FamilyMart Obtained E-Payment License! How FamilyMart and PX Mart Turn Their Stores Into “Micro-Banks"?

In the week of March 1st, the Financial Supervisory Commission approved two new electronic payment licenses for Quan Ying Pay (FamilyMart) and Quan Pay (PX Mart). What changes will occur in the e-payment battlefield after adding new players? Who can be the winner?

Photo/ Business Next

Source: Business Next
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ESG Has Become A New Trend: How to Develop Sustainable Strategies for Enterprises from the Perspective of Greenvines and E.SUN BANK

The ESG craze has swept across Taiwan in the past two or three years. It has an explosive development in Taiwan recently. There are various sustainable awards, whether from associations or magazines. Taiwan has also had many companies joining the ESG trend. However, don’t worry if you haven’t kept up ESG. Let’s take a look at the ESG cases first. Understand how other companies in different industries integrate ESG into their business strategies and formulate the most suitable sustainable development strategies for themselves.

Photo/ CNA

Source: The News Lens
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EVA Air Eliminates In-Flight Paper Publications! Big Moves to Overturn Passenger Habits, What Are the Benefits?

In February, EVA Air announced in a press release that it would eliminate on-board paper publications, including various newspapers, magazines, and duty-free catalogs. EVA Air would allow passengers to use their mobile devices or in-flight entertainment. Browse content on the system. It is a big step in the transformation of the airline industry, challenging the decades-old habits of passengers. However, it will also bring new opportunities to airline operations.

Image/ EVA Air

Source: Business Next
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[Industry Map Diagram] The “Fast Commerce Model" of Taiwan’s Physical Retail

The 2021 online sales of Taiwan’s physical retail reached NTD$121.9 billion for the first time, increasing 36.5% from 2020. The growth rate was higher than the e-commerce industry, which grew 18.3%, during the same period. One of the key factors supporting the rapid growth of online sales in the physical retail industry is the fast commerce model that developed rapidly in the past two years.

Diagram/ Mirai Business

Source: Mirai Business
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Tourism Industry Update

Taiwan Outbound Departure Statistics, January 2022

Charts/ Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  1. 25,925 Taiwanese went abroad in January, rising 23.63% from the same period of 2021 when 20,969 people went abroad.
  2. The top destination for outbound travelers in January 2022 was America, followed by China, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan. Singapore has the highest outbound travel destination rate, rising 125.17% from the same period of 2021.

Inbound Visitor Statistics for January 2022

Charts/ Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Source: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
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DGBAS Latest Economic Indicators for January 2022

Charts/ Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS)

Charts/ DGBAS

  1. There were 11.47 million people employed and 430,000 unemployed in January, resulting in an unemployment rate of 3.61%, which was 3.70% after seasonal adjustments. The labor participation rate was 59.17%.
  2. The annual employee number in industrial and service industries in 2021 was 8.13 million. The average monthly regular wage for employed workers was NT$55,754.

Source: DGBAS Latest Indicators
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Trivago CFO: These Four Types of Travel May Lag in Recovery

According to the financial report of the travel search website Trivago, the summer of 2022 will be the peak season for the tourism industry because tourism demand has been suppressed for two years. The public is eager to go out.

Source: Anue
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Photo/ shutterstock.com

Traveling Abroad Is Coming Soon? Aviation and Tourism Are Optimistic About “This Timing" to Reopen, Star-Rated Hotels and Travel Insurance Will Be More Popular

With the Omicron variant becoming more like flue and mild case, the world has decided to coexist with the virus. Many European countries have begun to lift the ban, such as Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

Source: Business Today
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ESG Sustainable Vacation! Rescue Baby Turtles and Restore Corals

Travel is wonderful. And ESG vacation both benefits humans and the environment. People need to care more about sustainability while having fun. It is the only way to coexist with the earth.

Source: gvm
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Photo/ Club Med

Media News

Analysis of Digital Advertising Strategy, Keys: Diversified Channels and Touching Content

The third-party cookies are about to exit. The algorithm of social media is constantly changing. Effectively exposing products and advertising have become challenges for all marketers. With global digital ad spending expected to exceed USD$441 billion in 2022, what are the most popular types of digital advertising for businesses around the world? What digital advertising trends should marketers pay attention to?

Photo/ Future Commerce

Source: Future Commerce
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Young People Are Abandoning Facebook, TikTok Will Surpass Instagram! What’s Next for the Five Social Platforms?

In 2022, what can you expect from the current major social media platforms?

Facebook (also known as Meta) announced that 2022 is the year of the metaverse.

Not surprisingly, Facebook users are older than users of other platforms. However, those recently leaked Facebook documents confirmed that young users are fleeing the platform rapidly. We gathered first-hand data from Good Rebels, more than 60% of active users on Facebook are over 45 years old.

Photo/ Business Next

Source: Business Next
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Instagram Not Popular Anymore? Young People Are on Xiaohongshu? Big Data Revealed the Key to Success

Almost everyone has social apps on their mobile phones. Many people think that compared to Facebook, young people seem to prefer using Instagram or TikTok. However, a recent post discussed that the Xiaohongshu app has replaced Instagram. The post said “You old people may not know Xiaohongshu," and “Instagram is for old aunties." It also pointed out that Xiaohongshu ranks higher than Instagram in Taiwan.

Photo/ xiaohongshu

Source: UDN
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Amazing Influence on Sales! How to Make Good Use of Nano Influencers to Create a Win-Win Situation?

Influencer marketing is absolutely a key trend in 2022.

Reports about young people showed that generations Y and Z no longer believe in Internet celebrities. They gradually distrust and annoy the sales advertisements released by companies. The effect of display advertising is fading. In contrast, more than 91% of brand owners said in the survey that they expect to increase their user-generated content (UGC) budgets in the first half of 2022. It reflects that companies emphasize more on the originality and authenticity of content, replacing the one-way communication.

Photo/ Future Commerce

Source: Future Commerce
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Case Study

Kobayashi –ONE PIECE Co-Branded Eyewear


Kobayashi’s philosophy “Better Because of Diligence" has deeply rooted in people’s hearts. And this time, Kobayashi collaborated with ONE PIECE to launch the co-branded eyewear. It was also the first time of ONE PIECE’s overseas co-branded eyewear. Promoting this co-branded campaign massively and impressively to the target audience, generating preference and interest, and triggering purchase motivation were the tasks of this campaign.


ONE PIECE is a well-known manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, serialized since 1997. It is many people’s favorite manga. Even the famous Japanese actor Takuya Kimura is a loyal fan of ONE PIECE. The manga is still ongoing. The Kobayashi and ONE PIECE co-branded eyewear created a new “vision" for the products and public relations. The advertisement was endorsed by a national cheerleading goddess Guo Guo, who is very popular among young people. It showed the energetic, brave, and adventurous spirits of ONE PIECE, strengthening the favorability and impression of the co-branded campaign. Let’s follow ONE PIECE, ride the wind and waves, sail to the waterway, and discover the great new vision.

The planning and execution included the TV commercial, POSM, and TV media buying. It targeted people aged 25 to 35.


TV commercial:
The national goddess Guo Guo performed as a cheerleader goddess, cheering people’s life. Encourage people to live like ONE PIECE, full of fighting spirit and courage at all times to face the challenges of every day.

Poster design:

Product shooting:

Celebrity shooting:



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